Paige Spiranac is a Straight Knock Out in New Photo Alongside Her Upcoming Content Schedule

by Will Shepard

The world of social media has been lit on fire over the past couple of years by Paige Spiranac. She has grown her following immensely since she stepped away from being a professional golfer.

Her Instagram page alone has over 3 million followers. There are millions of people who look forward to every time that she posts a picture. Additionally, there are millions of people who make it a priority to seek out her opinion of what is happening in the world of golf.

Not only that, but Paige Spiranac is also in incredible shape. So, just as people look forward to hearing what she has to say, people also want to know how she takes care of her body.

Whenever she posts things to her social media, she seems to be flooded with questions about when the next thing she is going to drop comes out. So, the social media influencer took to Instagram to set some of those queries to rest.

Paige Spiranac Reminds Her Fans That She Produces a Lot of Content For Their Viewing and Listening Pleasure

Included with a stunning picture of herself, she provided her fans with a rudimentary schedule of how she operates. Paige Spiranac posted her weekly schedule for people to follow along with.

The former professional golfer said, “‘You always put out the same type of content.’ Nope, you just have to know where to look, and I’m here to help!”

She also reminded people that her podcast, which is entitled, “Playing A Round,” comes out every Tuesday. Additionally, she said that the podcast is on both Apple and Spotify.

Paige Spiranac also takes part in two videos with Pointsbet USA. One of the pieces she works on, “The Range,” comes out every Wednesday. The other project she works on weekly, “The Leaderboard,” comes out every Thursday. Both of these endeavors focus on betting.

Finally, the social media influencer and former golfer reminded her fans that she posts weekly YouTube videos. She said that every Thursday she releases new content that ranges from golf instruction, to course vlogs, to fitness, and anything else she has on her mind.

“Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in upcoming content or any ideas you have!” Paige Spiranace then joked that she will take all suggestions under review, “Unless you say [Only Fans]. That’s a no.”