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Paige Spiranac Leaves Little to the Imagination in Red, White and Blue Two-Piece in Fourth of July Post

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Paige Spirance is leaving very little to the imagination in a recent 4th of July post on her social media accounts. The American professional golfer posted a snapshot of her rocking a red, white, and blue two-piece swimsuit.

“Happy 4th of July!” Paige Spiranac writes in the post. “This is me before I attempted to see how many hot dogs I could eat in 10 minutes. How many [hot dogs] do you think I ate?”

Fans of Paige Spiranac showered the post with support for the snap. She added in the post that she will post the video of her eating the hot dogs sometime later in the day.

Paige Spiranac Discusses Competitive Gymnastic Career

In an interview with Mile High Sports, Paige Spiranac reveals that she was actually a competitive gymnast at one point, but ended up fracturing her kneecap twice. “At that moment in my life, I basically was in the gym seven hours a day, every single day. And I was 10 years old. I quit when I was 13.”

Paige Spiranac then states she explored golf as a replacement for gymnastics and her sole focus was to become a professional golfer.  The time she spent on the golf course came in handy, as she began a top-ranked junior golfer. But she ended up struggling in college, after transferring from the University of Arizona to San Diego State University, Paige describes her college golf record as “decent,” but not great. 

And after college, Paige Spiranac didn’t know what she wanted to do with her golfing career. “There wasn’t a clear path because I was struggling with my golf game and I’d lost a bit of passion for it,” Paige explains. She then asked her after for advice and he responded with “Let’s give it a year.” She decided to dedicate everything she had and play golf for a year.

Paige’s Fame Takes Off Over Night

Paige Spiranac then says out of nowhere, someone wrote an article about her and she “blew up” overnight. “I went from having 1,000 Instagram followers to 50,000,” she recalls. “I started to get inquiries from different golf companies and was slowly getting into that only as a way to pay for my golf career.”

But Paige Spiranac said there were drawbacks to her media stardom. “The more success that I had in my media career, the more it hindered my golf career. I was different, and in the golf industry a lot of people don’t like things that are different.”

In regards to how she handles social media criticism, Paige says she tries totally about her ups and downs and to be as open and honest as possible. Paige adds she gets a lot of really positive feedback whether it’s about golf or golf being horrible. “It could be something deep and meaningful or something silly.”