Paige Spiranac Posts New Pics on Golf Course, Confesses She Hates ‘Practicing Putting’

by Thad Mitchell

Though her pro golf career was over before it really began, Paige Spiranac has found another line of work that suits her well.

The 27-year-old blonde beauty has taken on a career of social media marketing and is doing quite well at it. She draws a salary from companies to promote their products to her millions and millions of social media followers.

She certainly doesn’t lack for attention on social media with more than 3 million followers on Instagram alone. She also has nearly 400,000 additional followers on Facebook.

While she has done quite well for herself as a social media personality and model, she admits golf is still a passion. In her most recent social media post, she discusses her golf practice routine. She says while she doesn’t necessarily enjoy practicing, she knows it must be done.

“We talking about practice!” she says borrowing a famous line from former NBA star Allen Iverson. “Confession: I hate practicing putting. I find it boring but it is the fastest way to lower your score. I have to have lots of drills and practice tools to keep me engaged.”

She goes on to describe her grueling putting practice routine and the tools she uses to become a better golfer. She also plugs golfing company “Perfect Practice” in the post and provides her fans and followers with a discount code for the site.

Paige Spiranac Offers Prayers for Tiger Woods and Family

Spiranac also took to social media late Tuesday night to wish pro golfer Tiger Woods a speedy recovery from his injuries. Woods was involved in a single vehicle incident Tuesday morning and suffered numerous lower body injuries. Reports say the vehicle Woods was traveling in rolled while he was still inside. He was immediately flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital where he was taken into emergency surgery. Woods reportedly suffered a shattered ankle and compound fraction as a result of the incident.

“Can’t stop thinking about Tiger and hoping he’s okay,” she says. “If anyone can overcome this it’s him. Prayers to him and his family.”