Paige Spiranac Posts Video, Responds to Race Horse Being Named After Her: ‘Never Been More Honored’

by Quentin Blount

Stunning model and professional golfer Paige Spiranac took to social media to pay tribute to an Australian racehorse named after her.

On Friday evening, Spiranac posted a video to her nearly 400,000 Twitter followers showing the horses handler explain the backstory behind its name.

The model and golfer must have just learned of the news. She says that she has never felt more honored in her life.

“There’s a racehorse named after me in Australia,” Spiranac wrote on Twitter. “I’ve never been more honored in my life.”

In the video, an interviewer is asking the horse’s handler about her name came to be. “You’ve named this horse after a well-known female American golfer. Tell us the story.”

“Yeah, she is named after Paige Spiranac,” her handler says in the video. “And she’s really just as beautiful as the golfer.”

Meanwhile, one Spiranac fan put $10 on the race horse to win at its next race. He replied to the model’s tweet, saying “Let’s gooo,” along with posting a picture of his bet on the race horse that could potentially pay out $510.

Paige Spiranac is Also a Fan of Basketball

By now, we all know that Paige Spiranac loves the sport of golf. Having done so at the professional level, there’s really no question about that. However, we recently found out that she also loves the sport of basketball.

The golfer-turned online influencer took to Instagram on Friday to post a stunning photo of her on the basketball court. In the caption of the photo, Spiranac reveals that she’s a big-time fan of college hoops and asked fans to reveal which team they rooted for.

“Big college basketball fan🏀 Who’s your team?” Spiranac says. She is rocking all black with a tank top and short shorts with a basketball between her legs in the picture. She also advertises a promotion appealing to those who have an interest in betting on upcoming games.

The eye-popping photo has already gotten nearly 160,000 likes since she posted it.

Meanwhile, Spiranac’s fans and followers were quick to chime in with their thoughts on her alluring appearance. Many fans took over the comments, swooning over the golfer, model, and avid college basketball fan.

“Hooper Paige 😂🙌🏽🙌🏽” one commenter wrote.

“Smile that lights up the universe,” a second supporter says.

“I could go for a little one on one,” a third follower joked.