Paige Spiranac Reveals What it’s Like Being Married to Her

by Halle Ames

Ever wonder what it’s like to be married to former professional golfer and blonde bombshell Paige Spiranac? Well, here you have it.

Paige Spiranac is a 28-year-old former collegiate and professional golfer. She now spends her time posing and performing trick shots for her massive social media following. However, before you get too excited, Spiranac is off the market.

In December of 2016, Spiranac’s long-term boyfriend, former minor league baseball player Steven Tinoco, popped the question. By 2018, the two exchanged ‘I Do’s.’ Tinoco now works as a personal trainer. The two also do not have any children yet.

On Paige Spiranac’s podcast, Playing A Round, the beauty opens up to her co-host Teddy Greenstein about her dating history, as well as habits of her partner that she likes to change.

She reveals that she prefers athletes (hence her hubby), with her favorite being hockey and football players, but she has dated mostly baseball players.

Paige Spiranac is Making Changes

When Greenstein asked her co-host if she would consider herself a “man changer,” Paige Spiranac spoke candidly about making minor tweaks to her significant other.

We aren’t talking about anything too extreme, just a little makeover and hygiene help.

“With certain things,” admits Spiranac. “So style, I don’t like when a guy doesn’t dress well or puts effort into what they’re doing. And it’s not that they don’t want to, it’s just that they don’t have the resources to be able to do it, so they don’t know where to shop or to find things that fit them.”

“And also hair care and skincare and stuff. You shouldn’t be washing your face with a bar of soap. Like you should actually have things in your wardrobe and on your counter that can help you and fix you and make you look better, so that’s something that I would always do. I would get the guys to work out, eat right and I would throw all of their clothes out and just start fresh.”

Go ahead and let us know what his skincare routine is! The two are glowing!

Although it seems that Paige Spiranac doesn’t have any photos on her Instagram of her and her sharply dressed man, her husband has a few pictures featuring the two. In mid-February, Tinoco posted a beautiful photo of him and Paige laughing. Can you say goals?