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Paige Spiranac Reveals She Received ‘Bizarre’ Death Threats after Match Play Suggestion

by Jacklyn Krol
David Cannon, Getty Images

Paige Spiranac received death threats after making a suggestion about match play.

On March 27, Paige Spiranac tweeted that one major should be match play. The suggestion came after she was watching the World Matchplay tournament over the weekend. She has previously stated that her favorite part of golf is match play. The majority of fan response from her tweet was positive, and a lot of fans agreed that they would like to see match play in a major. However, not all fans were kind.

Paige Spiranac took to her Instagram Story to write about the negative responses. “Yesterday, because I love match play I said one major should be match play on Twitter and a lot of people were agreeing,” she wrote.

“Then Golf Memes posted it on Instagram and people were roasting me. It wasn’t like ‘no’ it was outrageous, actually it was pretty funny,” she added. “Obviously it’s a hypothetical and it’s never going to happen. So don’t hate me or tell me to kill myself over this — which is also what was happening which is bizarre in itself.”

Paige Spiranac Not Taking Criticism

Paige Spiranac is extremely vocal on social media and always stands up for herself and her beliefs. When an Australian football commentator Francis Leach belittled her for an ad campaign.

The ad was in a local Melbourne newspaper that was promoting PointsBet. Paige Spiranac was seen donning a red low-cut dress while she held a cell phone with her Instagram handle placed over her.

“At a time when the objectification and abuse of women, reducing them to being little more than playthings for men is being exposed for what it is, how can @theage run garbage like this for revenue,” Leach tweeted. “It’ll editorialise in the front, cash in at the back. Hypocrisy.”

She first replied to the tweet, “F–k off.” Additionally, in a follow-up response, she tweeted directly at his account. “Tag me next time you coward. My name is right there,” she added.

Finally, when a fellow troll questioned if she was trying to get male attention by using her body, she had the perfect response. “I’m sorry I was born with tits. I’m not going to hide them because your pea brain can’t comprehend the fact a woman can be smart, strong, and sexy,” she concluded.

Furthermore, Francis Leach has since deleted his initial tweet.