Paige Spiranac Reveals Why She Thinks PGA Stars Like Patrick Reed Are Good for Golf

by Charles Craighill

Paige Spiranac, the Instagram golfer and former LPGA Tour professional had a different take on Patrick Reed than most. While Reed has received a lot of hate from fans, Spiranac sees him as entertaining. In a recent Tweet, she mentioned how the edgy player made golf more interesting to her. While Reed has certainly made golf more interesting with all of his rule-breaking scandals, many fans would disagree with Spiranac’s support for him.

“I will say Patrick Reed makes for some entertaining golf and I don’t hate that,” she said in the Tweet. She certainly has a point, but most fans disagree with the “I don’t hate that” part of the comment.

The Context for Paige Spiranac Hot Take on Patrick Reed

Reed, the PGA golfer, and the Farmers Insurance Open champion made headlines last weekend. Claiming that his ball had been embedded, he moved his ball to improve his lie. While he acted within the rules of the PGA, the manner in which he moved it seemed sketchy.

For instance, he failed to alert the rules official before moving the ball. Also, the place where he claimed the ball was embedded seemed unlikely. The ball bounced into the spot where he found it, meaning it had a fraction of the momentum from the actual drive.

On top of this, Patrick Reed has made a name for himself with cheating scandals over the course of his career. They almost always involve an improvement of his lie. For instance, last year he was caught grounding his club in the sand trap and moving some sand out of the way. This was a blatant breach of the rules of golf and also a poor attempt to cover it up.

His response to each of these scandals has also been controversial as he typically refuses to own up to his mistakes. However, in this particular instance, the PGA backed up Patrick Reed. He went on to win the tournament by an astounding five strokes, the biggest margin of victory on that particular course since Tiger Woods in 2013.

While Patrick Reed may be one of the most hated players in golf, he does do some good for the sport. Having a villain in a sport almost always makes the sport more fun to watch. Having someone to cheer against is almost as fun as having someone to cheer for. So in the case of Patrick Reed and the PGA, any publicity is good publicity.