Paige Spiranac Says She Was Harassed During Recent Golf Round

by Josh Lanier

Paige Spiranac isn’t afraid to show some skin, but there’s no reason to demean her for it. The ex-golf pro turned social media star said a man harassed her while trying to get in a practice round earlier this week.

She said she was focusing on her game when the man screamed at her as he passed.

Fans often yell out mashed potatoes at tournaments after a golfer hits a shot.

But while Spiranac said the encounter was annoying, she said it’s far from uncommon. In fact, most women have similar stories and often much worse.

“Men will force themselves sexually on women without consent,” Spiranac replied to one user. “This is tame compared to all the harassment and assault women face all the time. Unfortunately, more women have stories like this and worse.”

This isn’t the first time Paige Spiranac has dealt with discrimination over how she likes to dress, she said. She spoke about it on her podcast last year after a charity turned down free items from her because of her looks.

“I wanted to help this charity out, and I wanted to give them free golf clubs,” Spiranac said on her Playing A Round podcast. “The guy wrote back and said, ‘We would love to but, because of the way our board members view you, you can’t help out.’ “I want to give back to these kids who don’t have anything, because I grew up not having anything, and I can’t even f–ing do that because of my cleavage. We bond over having a common interest and we all love the same thing … I don’t understand why it matters if you’re wearing a polo (shirt) and I’m not wearing a polo.”

Paige Spiranac Crushes ‘Happy Gilmore’ Swing

And whatever you may think about how Paige Spiranac dresses, it doesn’t affect her game at all. For example, she recently demolished a ball off the tee with a Happy Gilmore swing while wearing a little black dress.

“With hockey playoffs starting I had to break out the Happy Gilmore swing!” Spiranac wrote alongside the video. “What’s your favorite sport to watch?”

Spiranac nailed the drive in the tight, short skirt. Of course, Spiranac doesn’t have anything to prove on the links, but recreating the iconic Happy Gilmore swing was just a treat for her fans.

She posted the video to Instagram, where it racked up thousands of comments. Most about her impressive swing. Though, of course, there were some creepy dudes in the comments.

But they shouldn’t get their hopes up. Spiranac is married.

Spiranac and long-term boyfriend, former minor league baseball player Steven Tinoco, got married in 2018. Tinoco now works as a personal trainer.