Paige Spiranac Says She ‘Can’t Stop Thinking’ About Tiger Woods, Wishes Him Well

by Thad Mitchell

Former professional golfer and social media personality Paige Spiranac has fellow golfer Tiger Woods on her mind.

Woods suffered a horrific single-car incident just yesterday and is currently still in the hospital for his injuries. He is said to have multiple lower body injuries and recovery process is likely to be a lengthy one. Woods crashed his vehicle yesterday (Tuesday) morning and was then airlifted to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuires.

Spiranac, who has millions of social media followers, is one of many athletes and public figures to wish Tiger well in his recovery. In her tweet, the 27-year-old Spiranac says she has faith that Woods can make a full recovery and offers up prayers and well-wishes to him as well as his family and friends.

“Can’t stop thinking about Tiger and hoping he is okay,” she says in the social media post. “If anyone can overcome this it is him. Prayers to him and his family.”

Paige Spiranac Offers Prayers For Tiger Woods and Family

Spiranac’s Tuesday evening tweet drew more than 3,000 “likes” along with dozens of retweets and comments. Some social media users took to the tweet’s comment section to also wish Tiger a speedy and healthy recovery. Many echo Spiranac’s thoughts that if anyone can recover from this horrific incident, it is Tiger Woods.

“If there’s any way he can physically return he will,” one social media user says in the comments. “He’s not gonna want this to end his career. Right now though, let’s just pray the surgery is successful.”

Other commenters say they are praying for his family — especially the pro golfer’s children. Woods has sustained numerous injuries throughout his career but none as significant as what he is now dealing with. Reports say Woods suffered multiple lower body injuries including a shattered ankle and compound fractures, according to ESPN.

“It’s just so awful,” one Paige Spiranac follower says. “I feel so bad for his kids too. Like how much of their childhood has their Dad been injured for. It has to be so hard on them right now.”

Spiranac’s career as a professional golfer was short lived but she has found success in the world of social media marketing. She and Woods are friends and she has mentioned the positive influence Woods has had on individuals pursuing a career in the sport of golf.