Paige Spiranac Sends Pulses Racing in New Red and Black Outfit Instagram Pic

by Evan Reier

Can Paige Spiranac ever give her followers a breather? It seems like every day the model and golfer has a new scintillating look.

Her most recent foray into the Instagram scene features the drop-dead gorgeous model on the golf course. Consider us shocked. What’s not shocking is how amazing Spiranac looks.

Mentioning her new gig and most recent contest, Paige captions the post by telling fans not to worry.

“Congrats to the winners of the @pointsbetusa giveaway! I announced the winners in my story❤️ Don’t worry if you weren’t picked because we will have plenty more coming up! What type of giveaways do you like?”

With a putter and ball in hand, Spiranac looks the part. Not to mention that the longsleeve red shirt and black skirt remind us of a specific golfing legend. He shares a name with a ferocious predator, has won 15 majors, is considered the greatest of the modern-day era…

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Whether that’s an homage or just coincidence, we definitely do not mind seeing Paige strut the course in Tiger Woods’ classic Sunday colors.

Paige Spiranac Sounds Off on Super Bowl LV

Like the majority of the United States, Spiranac was tuned in to the titanic clash between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. Also like the rest of the audience, Spiranac had some hot takes.

However, it didn’t take many words for Spiranac to convey how she felt about the 31-9 outcome in favor of Tampa.

Spiranac wasn’t alone in her opinion, with many in her replies coming to agree and point out the flags that went in the Buccaneers’ favor. With eight penalties for 95 yards, it’s understandable some Chiefs fans and neutrals would be dubious.

On top of her comments about the refereeing of Super Bowl LV, Spiranac also sounded off on Tom Brady. Brady earned his seventh Super Bowl ring with the victory, again prompting conversation regarding “the GOAT.”

While it’s hard not to say Brady is the greatest NFL player ever, the conversation expanded to “greatest athlete of all time.” This is where many, including Spiranac, had to get off the bus.

“No. Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete of all time and if you disagree then watch Tom Brady run a 40 yard dash” Spiranac tweeted.

Bo is certainly a good shout, but in a conversation spanning sports, gender and time, it’s a question that will seemingly never have an answer. From the perspective of Paige Spiranac, the answer is certain.

Whoever the greatest athlete of all time is, it sure ain’t Tampa Bay Tom.