Paige Spiranac Shades Bryson DeChambeau’s Powerful Swing, Suggests ‘More Replaying’ Tiger’s 2019 Masters Win

by Keeli Parkey

With the Masters Tournament now underway, much of the sports world has turned its attention to that beautiful golf course in Augusta, Georgia. And, of course, you can add Paige Spiranac to the list of people who are happy to be watching the famous sporting event play out.

One of her first tweets about the 2021 Masters Tournament involved a video of professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau practicing his swing before heading out onto the course. The clip is about 40 seconds long and it shows DeChambeau repeatedly driving ball after ball after ball. He’s working quickly and showing off his power.

However, based on the comment she shared with the video, Paige Spiranac isn’t all that impressed. Instead, she would rather be watching a previous Masters winner go to work.

Here’s what she had to say: “Less of this and more replaying the 2019 Masters.” The 2019 winner of the Masters Tournament was golf legend Tiger Woods. You can check out her tweet below.

Twitter Users Share Comments About Paige Spiranac’s Recent Masters Tournament Tweet

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users were certainly more than happy to share their thoughts about Paige Spiranac’s tweet, as well as Bryson DeChambeau’s swing and playing style. And, in true Twitter fashion, there was much disagreement.

“Disgusting swing, painfully to watch, not the direction golf should be going! Golf should be a sport where technique & ball handling are combined with physical & mental fitness (Tiger!), not about brutal power to hit a ball as far as you can combined with equipment innovation,” one user shared.

“Would you not characterise (sic) brutal power merged with the ability to keep the ball in play as technique? Where in the rule book does it define the direction golf ‘should’ be going. No hate just questions,” another user said in response to that tweet.

Another reply to Paige Spiranac said: “I don’t get how anybody thinks this guy is breaking golf. They said that about Tiger but Tiger already had 8 majors by the time he was Bryson’s age. I’m not a fan of his but he doesn’t bother me other than when he whines.”

“Does belting the living daylights of the ball help at Augusta though, didn’t go that well last year, seems like a course where you need to play with touch not brute force,” one other fan said.

We will all just have to see how the 2021 Masters Tournament plays out to see who is right about Bryson DeChambeau. No doubt, it should be a fun tournament to watch – just like always! It is one of the greatest golf tournaments in the world for a reason.

In addition to sharing her thoughts on Twitter, Paige Spiranac also shared her excitement about the Masters via Instagram. And, she also showed off an outfit perfect for the annual golf tournament. You can check out an story about that here.