Paige Spiranac Shows Off ‘Unnecessary Flop Shot’ Skills in Eye-Catching Outfit on the Golf Course

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by: Image Group LA/Getty Images)

Paige Spiranac stunned followers with another impressive golf swing when she posted a video of herself aiming for a flop shot. 

“I was trying to make it rain and dunk this flop shot, but I’ll have to settle for a tap in. What’s your favorite shot to hit? Mine is for sure the unnecessary flop shot”

For those unfamiliar with the term, a flop shot is a specialty shot used to get the ball over a hazard. You can also use the technique when you find yourself short-sided and need the ball to stop once it lands on the putting green.

As seen in Spiranac’s clip, she had to opt for a tap-in, also known as a “gimme,” which is a short putt that is almost always guaranteed to go in the hole, hence the nickname, “gimme.”

Paige Spiranac Comes To The Defense Of Fellow Golfer

Paige Spiranac recently defended fellow golfer Max Homa after he found himself under fire for not wearing red during the final round of the WGC-Workday Championship at The Concession on Sunday. 

During the event, many of the athletes chose to wear Tiger Woods’ iconic black and red combination last Sunday. This was done to show support to the 15-time major champion after a tragic car accident left Woods hospitalized. 

However, pro golfers such as Homa were unable to participate in the tribute due to contractual obligations. Following the backlash, he took to Twitter to explain that he could not wear outfits with certain logos due to sponsorship deals. He also added that he has been a Woods fan all of his life.

During her podcast, Playing A Round, Paige Spiranac took a moment to speak out about the incident.

Spiranac On Outfit Controversy: ‘You Don’t Have An Option To Wear Something Else’

“The reaction that Max Homa got was so surprising. I don’t think people realize that when you are under contract with a clothing company you don’t have an option to wear something else. Not only was it just the shirt but it has all the logos too. So he has like three or four logos put on his shirt and before every single tournament these guys have their clothes sent to them basically still in the wrappers and that’s what they’re going to wear.”

She also didn’t shy away from sharing her opinion with her followers via Twitter. On Sunday, the former golf pro and media personality used the platform to call out Homa’s critics. 

“We constantly complain about athletes being robots and wanting them to show personality. But then you go and attack someone like Max Homa over something that shouldn’t be an issue. If you want athletes to be more real on social media then don’t be on them about every little thing.”