Paige Spiranac Sizzles in White Two-Piece, Flushes Iron in ‘Instagram Golf Girl’ Video

by Quentin Blount

There is just something special about seeing Paige Spiranac out on the golf course isn’t there? Not only is she talented at the sport, she is also extremely beautiful.

You may know Paige Spiranac from her short stint as a professional golfer. Or perhaps you know her nowadays as a rising social media star with more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram alone. Either way, Paige brings us the kind of sultry golf content that we all need in our lives. And on Tuesday, she teaches her followers how to be an “Instagram golf girl.” She also talks about other topics like the typical golf girl dress code, and more. The hilarious video racked up more than 100,000 likes.

“Hi, everyone! It’s Paige and I’m going to teach you how to be an Instagram golf girl today,” she says in the video. “Dress code doesn’t exist in an Instagram golf girl’s life. And always shoot from the front, because no one cares where the ball is going when you are dumping when you are dumping them out.”

Now if you had to guess, the most important part about being an Instagram golf girl would be your swing, right? Not according to Spiranac, who is dressed in a short white skirt and a low-cut crop top.

“Now the most important part, and it’s not the actual golf swing,” she admits. “It’s the reaction after. It’s a hop, skip, and a smile even after you shanked it into the group right next to you. And that is how you be an Instagram golf girl.”

You can take a look at the video for yourself down below.

“It’s hard work but someone has to do it,” Paige Spiranac captioned her post.

Fans of Paige Spiranac Have a Field Day in the Comments

As you can see, Paige Spiranac is a national treasure. And although we can’t actually see where her shots land, we can assume that her golf game is as on point as her incredible looks. After all, the old saying goes as follows: Look good, play good.

Meanwhile, Spiranac’s sarcasm is nothing really new to those who have been following for a while. She often takes to her official Instagram page to poke fun at stereotypes about women in sports. And as they usually do, those same fans and followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Spiranac’s latest video.

One of the best comments came when one fan asked her if the same tips apply to men. She replied back saying, “Same rules apply. Happy hoeing!” Spiranac also noted that “golf guys” should “swap out for above the knee shorts and a backwards hat.”