Paige Spiranac Stuns in Fiery Red Outfit in New Golf Course Pic

by Thad Mitchell

Social media influencer and former professional golfer Paige Spiranac isn’t one to shy away from the camera on any occasion.

The beautiful blonde bombshell stays busy on her social media accounts with millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. She often posts saucy photos of herself. It has worked out well for Spiranac as her bodacious good looks and fit figure make her a lightning rod for social media attention.

She also makes a pretty penny by peddling items like clothes and golfing gear to her more than three million Instagram followers. She even offers up tips and tricks to improve viewers’ golf games

Thursday was just another day in the office for Spiranac as she took to social media to post a steamy photo. The pic shows the former pro golfer in a skimpy, but elegant, red dress as she models a new set of clubs. As most of her social media posts do, Spiranac’s Thursday afternoon Instagram pic drew a lot of attention.

“Feeling sassy because I got new irons,” she says in the posts’ caption. She goes on to promote her new product and also gives amateur golfers a tip on finding the right irons.

“You already know I think getting fit is the way to go,” she continues. “I documented the whole fitting process in my latest YouTube video and talked in depth about all the irons I tried! It was interesting to see the changes in numbers with all the different setups.”

She then gives her Instagram followers a code to reduce the price of a fitting fee should they purchase an item.

Paige Spiranac Draws A Lot of Attention

In a testament to her popularity, the Thursday afternoon post took in well over 67,000 “likes” in under an hour. It also drew more than 1,000 comments in the same period of time.

Though some have chastised her for flaunting her body in order to push products, Spiranac has kept a positive attitude and strong sense of humor. Before the 2021 Masters event, she took on the “haters” who oppose her revealing pics.

In a response to someone who told her she can’t be taken seriously if she continues posting pictures of her cleavage, Spiranac fired back with this response:

“So here’s to continuing doing what I want,” she says in an Instagram post. “I made some towels with this image and other prints inspired by The Masters! Link in bio if you want to buy or for the haters to dry their tears with.”