Paige Spiranac Stuns in ‘No Makeup’ Bedroom Selfie While ‘Thinking About Football Season’

by Chris Haney

On Wednesday afternoon, former golf pro turned social media personality Paige Spiranac woke up with the return of football on her mind.

Like millions of other Americans, the golfer seems super excited about both the college and NFL football seasons coming back soon. Collegiate football will kick off in just a week and a half on Saturday, August 28. Additionally, Week 1 of the NFL season will begin in less than a month with the season-opening game on September 9.

While lounging at home, Spiranac breached the subject on her Instagram account. She has more than 3 million followers and fans, and she told them she’s been thinking about football season since she woke up. She went on to ask if people prefer watching college football or professional. In addition, she asked her fans to share what teams they root for in the comment section.

“Woke up thinking about football season. Do you prefer watching college football or NFL? Who are your teams?” Paige Spiranac asked her followers on Wednesday.

Paige Spiranac Shares Adorable Clip of Viral Bat Dog

On Friday, Paige Spiranac shared an awesome video of a dog retrieving baseball bats at a recent minor league game. Minor League Baseball is a fantastic sports league for numerous reasons that many may not have considered.

Fans can get much cheaper tickets compared to Major League Baseball games. The food and drinks are also typically reduced in comparison to pro ballparks. In fact, it’s often an overall more relaxed version of pro ball altogether.

Many minor league teams have unique and even strange mascot names. Along with that are eclectic jerseys and ballcaps to match. Some great examples of amusing minor league names include the Montgomery Biscuits, Akron RubberDucks, Richmond Flying Squirrels, and the El Paso Chihuahuas. The teams usually aren’t afraid to have some fun with their mascots and even the club personnel. A great example of that is in a recent viral video that showed an adorable dog being used in place of a bat boy or girl.

Paige Spiranac’s recent Twitter post showed the Myrtle Beach Pelicans’ bat dog named Slider at work. During the team’s recent game against the Charleston Riverdogs, the Labrador Retriever showed off his bat-grabbing skills. In the video, Slider trots up to home plate, grabs the wooden bats by the handle, and then drags them to the team’s dugout.

The adorable Lab looks very pleased with himself. Plus viewers can even see fans in the background smiling at Slider while he’s at work. It’s honestly a win-win situation for everyone involved. According to Spiranac’s post, she wants to take it one step further though. The golfer wants to have more dogs involved in all sporting events, and we can’t blame her one bit.

“We need more dogs in sports,” Paige Spiranac tweeted.