Paige Spiranac Shares Her Thoughts on the NCAA After Women’s Golf Regionals Canceled

by Will Shepard

Many former collegiate athletes are critics of how the NCAA operates. Paige Spiranac went to San Diego State University to play golf. Afterward, she turned pro but retired after a year to focus on growing her brand in social media and golf.

Recently, the NCAA decided to cancel the women’s golf regionals. Paige Spiranac was not happy to hear that news and decided to voice her opinion.

The social media personality said, “I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. The NCAA sucks.” She certainly did not mince her words. While it may seem like a harsh criticism, it might be warranted.

It has been overtly apparent that the NCAA does not care deeply about its athletes. In particular, the NCAA has seemed to put its female competitors in second place to their male counterparts.

An excellent example is the treatment that the female basketball players at the NCAA tournament this past March. The women’s gym paled in comparison to the male athletes’ workout facilities. While Paige Spiranac didn’t comment on that issue, many other prominent figures voiced their displeasure.

Conversely, the NCAA men’s regional golf tournament is going ahead as planned. This is just the latest example of the NCAA, in Paige Spiranac’s mind, of the organization not being in tune with the times.

Paige Spiranac Wants Golf to Be a More Inclusive Game

There is no denying that the retired professional golfer and social media influencer has an impactful voice. She has one of the most popular social media presences today. Her Instagram has over 3 million followers, and her Twitter account has nearly a half-million followers.

Her podcast, “Playing A Round With Paige Renee,” is one of the most popular golfing podcasts in the world. This is all to say that the opinions she voices get a lot of traction.

In early February, Spiranac explained that she wants golf to grow as a sport. “We can talk about golf equipment all day long, but would love if more of the focus was on inclusion, pace of play, and making the game less expensive.”

For almost its entire existence, golf has been considered a rich person sport. Many people use it as a way to conduct business meetings. Playing a round of golf alone is expensive, but Paige Spiranac wants that to change.

In order to do so, though, things like canceling the women’s golf regional’s can’t happen. For the game to grow and become cheaper, the sport needs more eyes on it. Many people agree with Paige Spiranac’s opinion and support her.