Paige Spiranac Trolls Tom Brady for Disoriented Video

by Will Shepard

Tom Brady is certainly enjoying himself on the Super Bowl boat parade in Tampa Bay today. Paige Spiranac seems like she is especially pleased seeing him barely able to walk.

Celebrating a seventh championship deserves a special coronation party. Tom Brady is making the most of this unique championship parade in Tampa Bay. Paige Spiranac is taking this in a delightful manner and took to Twitter to make fun of the Super Bowl champion.

Tom Brady seems like he only gets better with age. In addition, he has also become, by almost all accounts, a superhero playing amongst mere regular people. But, even superheroes apparently can drink too much and need assistance to walk around.

Tom Brady is just enjoying his Super Bowl win as any person should. He might have had a couple more beers than he probably should have, but who can blame him. Paige Spiranac makes a good point though. When do you get to see Tom Brady being sloppy drunk?

Paige Spiranac Pokes Fun at a Drunk Tom Brady

Paige Spiranac is a social media influencer but might be able to moonlight as a comedian on Instagram. But, she clearly has a lot of respect for the greatest football player of all time.

The potential headlines coming from this could be amazing. For example: Florida man is so drunk that his friend has to carry him back to his million-dollar boat. Or another could read something like this: Florida man throws the Lombardi trophy into the ocean.

Good for Tom Brady making this Super Bowl parade an experience that he won’t remember very much of. Paige Spiranac is probably a little jealous of the success he has had over his career.

While Tom Brady celebrates in Tampa Bay with the Lombardi trophy, hopefully he won’t be giving any public speeches. Well, maybe for the public he could say a few words. Regardless, Paige Spiranac is having a blast watching Brady’s antics today.