Paige Spiranac Sounds Off After Phil Mickelson Wins 2021 PGA Championship

by Chris Haney

On Sunday, Paige Spiranac was just as enamored with Phil Mickelson’s historic PGA Championship victory as everyone else who tuned in.

At 50 years old, Mickelson became the oldest golfer in history to win a major tournament on the PGA Tour. He won his sixth major at Kiawah Island this afternoon, which broke a record that’s been in place since 1968. Previous record-holder Julius Boros also won the PGA Championship, but at 48 years old.

With a one-shot lead heading into the final round today, Spiranac knew Sunday would produce some fireworks. On Saturday night, she shared her excitement for the final round and Mickelson’s attempt at history.

“I am so excited for the final round of the PGA Championship,” Paige Spiranac tweeted. “Has surpassed expectations so far and you just know tomorrow is going to be wild with Phil leading.”

Mickelson and the rest of the PGA field lived up to the hype today to the pleasure of Spiranac and countless other golf fans. The former professional golfer and social media personality continued to post throughout the day. As she said, Phil Mickelson winning another major this year was not on her radar.

By the end of the tournament, Spiranac almost seemed at a loss for words. The golfer couldn’t believe that Mickelson had actually pulled off the unthinkable. Considering the PGA record stood for more than 50 years, you can’t blame her.

“Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship. What. A. World,” Spiranac wrote after Phil Mickelson’s record-breaking win.

Phil Mickelson Holds on To Win Record-Setting PGA Major Tournament

As if Phil Mickelson hasn’t had an impressive enough career already, he turned back the clock with another amazing performance at Kiawah Island over the last four days. He finished at six-under, which gave him a two-shot win over fellow competitors Louis Oosthuizen and Brooks Koepka.

However, things got interesting early on. In fact, it took only one hole for Mickelson to lose his one-shot lead. After his three-putt bogey and a Koepka birdie on the Par 3 No. 1, Koepka took a one-stroke lead. Yet Phil Mickelson composed himself and followed up the rough start with a birdie of his own on the second hole.

As Koepka and Oosthuizen continued to struggle for most of the day, Mickelson stayed the course. Following another birdie on the Par 5 No. 16, the golfer took the lead by three shots. Barring an absolute meltdown, Mickelson was on his way to making history. He took a two-shot lead into the final hole, and with thousands of fans cheering him on, finished what he started.

Fans were very aware of the historic moment and clamored to get close to the PGA icon. The scenes at Kiawah Island were electric as Mickelson walked the 18th on his way to his sixth major. Chants of Phil Mickelson’s name rang out across the South Carolina course. It had been eight years since his last major victory at the 2013 Open Championship. Mickelson defied Father Time and added another notch to his already legendary career.