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Pam Oliver Receives Support after Concerning Sideline Report During Rams-Packers Playoff Game

by Jennifer Shea
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

NFL on Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver provoked worried messages – and some jokes – from football fans after she appeared to slur her speech while talking about the players on the field.

The Saturday afternoon game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Green Bay Packers took place at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers won, 32-18.

Pam Oliver Slurs Speech, Receives Support

Some viewers cracked jokes about Oliver, suggesting she had been drinking during the game or was having a stroke. Others defended her, pointing out that the temperature was frigid and Oliver has complained about suffering from migraine headaches in the past.

“People made fun of Chadwick for losing weight, not knowing he was dying of cancer,” argued one Twitter user. “People are tweeting about Pam Oliver being ‘drunk’ on national television when she has been vocal about suffering from debilitating migraines for years. You never know what someone’s going thru.”

“Get this Pam Oliver slander off my timeline,” tweeted another.

“Either the cold impacted Oliver’s ability to speak or she just had an off day,” Deadspin chimed in. “She’s entitled to have one of those after more than three decades in the broadcast industry.”

Migraines Can Cause Trouble Speaking

A few common symptoms of migraine headaches include nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some people experience warning symptoms before the headache comes on, and among those is difficulty speaking. Others are flashes of light, blind spots and tingling in the face or extremities.

 Migraine headaches typically last anywhere from four to 72 hours if they’re not treated. Sudden head movements can sometimes reactivate the pain.

The Mayo Clinic recommends people see a doctor immediately or go to the emergency room if they experience headaches and fever combined with trouble speaking.

Similarly, if someone gets an abrupt, strong headache like a thunderclap; if they have a stiff neck; or if they experience confusion, double vision, seizures or numbness, then they should get in to see a doctor as soon as possible.