Pat McAfee Blasts NFL for Placing Restrictions on His Show

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Pat McAfee has a bone to pick with the National Football League — or you could say — the No Fun League.

During Monday’s edition of “The Pat McAfee Show,” the former NFL punter announced that the league has placed a restriction on his show. Per McAfee, his show can no longer show team logos in graphics moving forward.

“The Professional American Football League will finish its eighth week of its riveting prime-time schedule as the Cincinnati football club travels to Cleveland to take on Cleveland’s football club, and a lot of people might be asking, ‘Pat, on this particular Halloween, why are you talking the way that you’re talking about the league that you’ve talked about for the last three years?’” McAfee asked, via Sports Illustrated. “Well, the reason I’m doing so is because even though we currently have a rights deal with the NFL that costs millions and millions of dollars, we’ve been informed this morning that we are no longer allowed to use any of their logos on any of our graphics.”

McAfee revealed that his show has paid more than $4 million to the NFL for the rights to show highlights. McAfee later put up a graphic advertising the Monday night showdown between the Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) and Cleveland Browns (2-5). Barred from using the Bengal B and the iconic orange helmet, he replaced them with hand-drawn sketches.

Pat McAfee Issues Warning Shot Towards NFL

McAfee continued in his diatribe, in what was a bit of a warning shot directed at the NFL.

“It’s been great doing business with you,” McAfee said. “I’m happy we have covered your league in the way that we have for the last few years… I don’t think we’ve really touched on many subjects we could’ve dabbled into. And I think we’ll do that this offseason, for sure. Things I know a lot about, that my friends know a lot about, like insurance and CTE [chronic traumatic encephalopathy] and concussions and everything like that.

“I think we can find some people to chat about, to learn more about what the NFL should be held accountable for and what they shouldn’t be held accountable for because I thought the entire deal with the NFL [cough], the Professional American Football League, I’m so sorry, that I wanted to get involved with was making the game celebrated.”