Pat McAfee Savagely Trolls Steelers Legend Bill Cowher Over Jeff Saturday Comments

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Mess with the bull and you’ll get the horns. NFL translation? Put the Indianapolis Colts and new interim head coach Jeff Saturday on blast, Pat McAfee is going to have some fun at your expense. Bill Cowher found that out the hard way.

Prior to Week 10 action in the NFL, CBS analyst and Pittsburgh Steelers legend Bill Cowher went on a two-minute tirade, blasting the Colts for hiring Jeff Saturday. McAfee — who spent his entire career punting with the Colts — trolled the former head coach for the remainder of the game.

McAfee fired off his first tweet at halftime, when the Colts owned a 13-7 lead on the Las Vegas Raiders.

McAfee fired off another tweet, which also included a GIF of Cowher, following a 66-yard touchdown run by Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor.

Clearly, McAfee wasn’t a big fan of Cowher’s comments.

McAfee was critical of Indianapolis’ performance through the first nine games of the season, owning a 3-5-1 record. Early in Sunday’s game, it appeared that Saturday at least provided some sort of spark for the team.

Bill Cowher Goes Off on Indianapolis Colts

For two minutes on Sunday, Bill Cowher used his platform on CBS to put the Indianapolis Colts on blast. He called Jim Irsay’s decision to bring in Jeff Saturday — who has no college or NFL coaching experience — a “disgrace.”

“What about the assistants on the staff right now? The guys that were there in training camp. The guys that were there early in the morning and late at night?” Cowher said. “Guys like Gus Bradley, Scottie Montgomery, John Fox. Don’t they deserve the opportunity?

“For an owner to hire a coach who’s never been an assistant at the college level or the pro level — and overseeing a lot of candidates qualified for that job … it’s a disgrace to the coaching profession. Regardless of how this plays out, what happened in Indianapolis is a travesty.”

Does Cowher have some good points? Probably. But the Colts had performed so poorly that they needed some sort of massive change. Maybe it will give the franchise some sort of spark for the remaining eight games.