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Patrick Beverly Ruins Christmas for His Kids, Tells Them Santa Isn’t Real

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

With the holiday season in full swing, parents are getting everything ready for Christmas Day. Patrick Beverley is out here to get his credit, though. Pat Bev is a father of two and the 34-year-old NBA player does not have time to entertain a magical man coming to his home to deliver presents.

While talking on his “Pat Bev Podcast” this week, the point guard was open about how he handles Christmas. His kids don’t believe in Santa Clause, because Patrick Beverley told them he doesn’t. Not many parents are willing to ruin the magic of the holiday for their kids, but that’s not how he rolls.

As an NBA player, Beverley makes a lot of money and loves to hand out gifts around the holidays. He wants it to be loud and clear who is the one providing those gifts.

“Them presents y’all getting ain’t from Santa, that s**t’s from me,” he said, via TMZ.

Here’s where things go a little too far if you ask me. When they bake cookies and leave out the milk on the table for the big man himself – Beverley made it clear he’s the big man. And he doesn’t like milk, he prefers soda. So, that’s what his kids put out.

“That’s me eating that s**t, I just wanted to let you guys know,” he went on. He said that his son didn’t take the news very well. “He was destroyed.” That’s the worst part.

Patrick Beverley Remains Controversial

If Patrick Beverley is involved, you know things are going to at least be interesting. His stance on Christmas might put him into the Villain Hall of Fame as far as sports stars are concerned. Known for his defense, which is more pesky than tenacious, Pat Bev stays true to himself.

So, it really isn’t surprising that he doesn’t let Santa Claus be a thing in his house. He has earned his living with a reputation for being hard-working, underappreciated, and always in your face. What he earns, he takes credit for, and he does it in over-the-top ways many times.

If Patrick Beverley gives you a gift, I’m sure he will let you know about it. Merry Christmas to the NBA’s biggest Grinch.