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Patrick Mahomes Blows NFL Fans Away With ‘Play of the Year’ Against Denver Broncos

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Another NFL Sunday, another Patrick Mahomes play that defies all logic and preconceived notion of what is possible on a football field. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was in a 3rd & 2 situation and not only did he fake the defense out, but he also managed to create a touchdown out of it.

It really feels like every week we see Patrick Mahomes do something wild like this. When he uses his feet he can be dangerous. When he’s got multiple options, he can be devastating for defenses. The Denver Broncos don’t know what to do about this.

NFL fans couldn’t believe what they saw. Nick Wright of Fox Sports, tweeted “Mahomes just made the play of the year.” And he’s might be right.

Of course, Brittany Mahomes was just as excited as many fans if not more so. Now that she’s at home taking care of baby Bronze all the time and not on the sideline at the games, she’s got time to tweet and react. “Oh NO HE DIDN’T,” she said on Twitter

Mahomes Confuses NFL Fans With Wild Play

This is a play that you don’t see. Ever. No quarterback outside of your buddy in the backyard in 7th grade has ever thrown a hook shot for a 30+ yard touchdown. Especially not in the NFL You can’t even do that in Madden!

“No look, hook pass for a TD. Mahomes does things you can’t even do in a video game.,” a fan named Rachel pointed out.

There is something about Mahomes and his wrists. He’s got a quick release no matter how he lets go of the ball and with weapons like Jerik McKinnon, it’s almost unfair at times.

“How does he keep doing this? I am launching a federal investigation,” another fan tweeted.

It really is wild that Patrick Mahomes is able to make NFL players look like JV players. He is on another level at times and there isn’t a thing anyone can do to stop it. The Kansas City Chiefs are going o be in for a long game today.

If Denver keeps the Chiefs under 40, it will be a victory.