Patrick Mahomes Changes Profile Picture to Hysterical Young Photo of Andy Reid

by Madison Miller

With the start of a new week and Christmas at the end of the week, there’s no better time to change your profile picture. From holiday-themed pictures to family group pictures, it’s time to swap out that old picture for something new. What did Patrick Mahomes make his new profile picture?

Patrick Mahomes Pokes Fun at Andy Reid

For Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the image may not be what fans expected.

Today, he posted a photo of young Andy Reid and captioned it “#NewProfilePic.”

Andy Reid is the head coach of the Chiefs. Reid has helped turn around the entire Cheif’s football franchise. He helped end the eight-game playoff losing streak that had been in effect since 1993.

Additionally, the Chiefs have had six postseason appearances, four division titles, two AFC Championship Games, and the Super Bowl LIV title.

With Mahomes on his team, the duo has helped lead the Chiefs to unprecedented success. Patrick Mahomes was awarded Super Bowl Most Valuable Player and also won NFL Most Valuable Player awards.

Mahomes signed a 10-year contract worth $477 million with $26 million in bonuses. This is the biggest contract ever seen in American sports.

Fans Poke Fun at Reid

As a powerful staple in football right now, Patrick Mahomes may have granted himself able to poke fun at his coach. For fans and other players, this seems like an unheard-of move.

One fan commented, “Has this dude reached the level of good where he can haze his coach?!?”

Other fans and players took the opportunity to simply admire Reid. One fan said, “Andy’s stache was impressive for an 8 year old.” While all the joking seems to be in good fun, Reid surely gets a good amount of attention from social media.

Earlier this week, Twitter poked fun at Reid’s face mask. His fun Chiefs themed mask is worn correctly, over the mouth and nose, but the size had some fans cracking up.

The “national treasure” of a coach has a saggy mask that led to comparisons to anything from walruses to banana hammocks to a pair of underwear.

Since 1981, Reid has been a coach involved in the NFL.

Looking Forward at the Chiefs

According to Bleacher Report, the fan votes for the 2021 Pro Bowl are in. Right now, with no surprise from fans, Patrick Mahomes is leading with 342,353 votes. The Pro Bowl teams will be announced later tonight.

However, there will be no 2021 Pro Bowl because of the pandemic.

Now, the Chiefs are looking pretty on the No.1 spot for the AFC West division. The team has an outstanding 12 wins and 1 loss so far this season. They appear to be in a good position for Super Bowl LV in February 2021.

The Chiefs will take on the Falcons on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. ET.