Patrick Mahomes Could Make Things Awkward for Troy Aikman on ‘Monday Night Football’: Here’s How

by Suzanne Halliburton
Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Troy Aikman may have the honor of calling the game in which Patrick Mahomes passes him on a career stat list.

Aikman and Joe Buck are in the booth for tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. And Aikman, the Hall of Fame QB for the Dallas Cowboys, should keep his eye on what could be a personal stat. Mahomes could pass him on the NFL’s all-time list for touchdown passes.

UPDATE: Mahomes passed Aikman with his fourth TD pass to Travis Kelce.

EARLIER: Patrick Mahomes needs four touchdown passes to pass Aikman. That’s a tall order for Mahomes. Although he’s playing at home in Arrowhead Stadium, the Raiders are one of his team’s biggest rivals.

From 1989-2000, Aikman threw 165 touchdown passes. Mahomes currently is sitting at 162. Both quarterbacks are far down on the NFL all-time list. Mahomes is tied with Trent Green, a fellow Chief who played from 1997-2008. They’re at No. 79. With a decent game, Mahomes can pass a couple of greats from the Oakland Raiders. Daryle Lamonica threw 164 from 1963-1974. And Jim Plunkett had the same total when he played from 1971-1986.

Both quarterbacks are far away from the NFL record. Tom Brady (of course) stands at 631 and counting.

Patrick Mahomes threw five touchdown passes in the season opener. That’s his top game of the year. He needs four to pass Troy Aikman on the career list. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

If you did the math, Aikman had 165 to go along with his three Super Bowl trophies.

In fact, Aikman once got a little irritated when a reporter compared his touchdown stats to Mahomes. This was back in 2019. The Athletic pointed out “ICYMI Patrick Mahomes has thrown 36 percent of Troy Aikman’s career touchdowns in about eight percent of the games.”

So Aikman quote tweeted the article and wrote: “ICYMI: Talk to me when when he has 33% of my Super Bowl Titles.”

Patrick Mahomes Needed Far Fewer Attempts to Near Aikman’s TD Total

We’ve got more math for you. Mahomes has one Super Bowl trophy. So that’s one-third the number of Aikman collected for the trophy case. Bingo, we have a winner.

Mahomes also needed far fewer attempts to approach Aikman’s TD totals. The 27-year-old Mahomes has thrown 2,491 passes, completing 1,647 for 20,097 yards. Aikman attempted 4,715 passes. His total passing yards = 32,942.

Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin starred for the Cowboys. (Karen T. Borchers/MediaNews Group/Mercury News via Getty Images)

We probably should add that the Chiefs run a more wide open offense than the old-school Cowboys. With Aikman under center, Dallas used a lot of I-formation, with tighter sets for the receivers. Emmitt Smith was the tailback, so there was no need to rely heavily on a passing game.

We’re thinking Aikman will be magnanimous if Mahomes passes him tonight on Monday Night Football. Mahomes started the season with five TD tosses against Arizona, so he can do four very easily. Stay tuned.