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Patrick Mahomes Declares Miraculous Ryan Fitzpatrick Pass Against Raiders ‘Best No-Look’ of All Time

by Evan Reier
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

When it comes to insane throws and unbelievable plays, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the current king of the NFL. But even a king knows when to show respect.

In a change of fate that was miraculous for the Miami Dolphins but disastrous for the Las Vegas Raiders, veteran Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick somehow connected on a heave to Matt Collins. However, as he began the throw, his facemask was pulled, basically completely obstructing his vision.

Despite the illegal contact, Fitzpatrick’s pass landed in the hands of his receiver.

After a 15-yard penalty further pushed Miami down the field, the Dolphins kicked a 44-yard field goal for a huge win. Certainly, an absolutely insane finish.

Social media lit up accordingly, with Mahomes not being able to help himself but compliment Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Considering Mahomes is the only quarterback to repeatedly attempt no-look passes, that’s high praise.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick Goes Magic, a Look at Mahomes

Somehow, Mahomes talking about his tendency to try no-look passes doesn’t make it clear how he pulls it off.

Talking to ESPN for a package, Mahomes detailed what his thought process is.

“When throwing a no-look pass,” Mahomes said. “The most difficult thing is making sure no one’s in the direction you’re not looking… I knew it was going to look pretty sweet when I got home. It was something that, I threw it, and I commented, ‘Man, I can’t believe I just did that.'”

Even the 2018 NFL MVP doesn’t understand how he makes it happen.

However, Mahomes never completed a no-look pass when his facemask was being dragged to the side. Considering how severe Ryan Fitzpatrick’s helmet was pulled, and the length of his insane pass, it’s easy to understand why Mahomes crowns the toss the best in NFL history.