Patrick Mahomes Downplays ‘Little Disagreement’ With Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Although the Kansas City Chiefs held a 14-10 lead going into halftime of their Week 3 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, things had been far from easy for their offense.

The result was cameras picking up on an apparent argument between quarterback Patrick Mahomes and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy as Kansas City made its way to the locker room. Mahomes appeared to disagree with the final play call of the half. Facing a second-and-20 on their own 36 with 20 seconds remaining, running back Jerick McKinnon ran for six yards to run out the clock.

Mahomes explained the “little disagreement” on 610 Sports Radio on Monday.

“Yeah, I think after seeing the video, I see why people thought it’s a bigger deal than it actually was,” Mahomes said. “Obviously, as an offensive player, and someone that wants to score every single time your on the field, I wanted to take another chance and try to get it down the field and get out of bounds or something like that and try to give us a chance to either throw a Hail Mary or kick a field goal. But they had kind of made the decision — not just coach Bieniemy; I think it was coach Reid and the whole offensive staff — that we were in a good spot.

“We had the lead, and we could just kind of get to the half and kind of refocus and had the ball coming out of the half, and we didn’t want to make a big mistake there at the half. That’s their jobs. I’ve got to be better knowing when that is the right decision, but at the same time, I always want to score. I think that’s kind of who I am.”

Chiefs’ Offense Struggles in Loss to Colts in Week 3

The Chiefs’ offense scored just three points in the second half. The Colts (1-1-1) defeated the Chiefs (2-1), 20-17.

Head coach Andy Reid was asked about the exchange after the game and said he disagreed that Mahomes and Bieniemy had a “confrontation.” Mahomes summed it up as a competitive disagreement.

“That’s who we are. That’s what makes our culture so great is that all the people on this staff — the players, the coaches, and the locker room together, we all want to win,” Mahomes said. “We want to go out there and compete and win and that competitive nature is what drives us to be great. Sometimes there is a little disagreement here or there, but we know that we’re trying to do whatever we can to win at the end of the day. I think if that’s not the case, it becomes something different.

“But that is the case, and we’ve been together for a long time and have won a lot of football games together.”

Mahomes and Bieniemy will have a chance to get back on the same page in Week 4 when Kansas City travels to Tampa (weather permitting) to play the Buccaneers (2-1) on Sunday Night Football.