Patrick Mahomes Faces Haters After Kicking Off ‘Day 1’ of Road to 2022 Super Bowl

by Halle Ames

After a disappointing end to the 2020-2021 season for the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes is looking to the future, saying today is “Day 1”. 

Originally favored to win their second Super Bowl in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs were crushed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl 31 to 9. 

Many fans do not blame 25-year-old Patrick Mahomes for the loss, however. It without a doubt was a disappointing performance by the Chiefs last Sunday, though. 

“Very quickly, NFL fans around the world began chiming in about the lackluster performance from the Chiefs. Each of them was still impressed at how hard Patrick Mahomes was competing. They were all complimenting him going out on the field and giving it his all while the rest of his team looked as if they didn’t lock in for the biggest game of the year.”

“Not only that, though, but his receiving corps also couldn’t catch a ball to save their lives. There were numerous drops all over the field that they typically catch.”

Now fans may be singing a different song. 

Patrick Mahomes is Catching Hate on Twitter

Patrick Mahomes took to Twitter early this morning to announce it was officially “Day 1”. It seems Mahomes is wasting no time in the offseason, waiting just a week before training for the 2021-2022 season. 

Although Patrick Mahomes may want to be preparing for the birth of his daughter, who is due any day, he is taking his last moments without the significant obligation to improve his game. 

However, there aren’t many improvements that need to be made. Surely the quarterback could have taken another week or two to rest. Not all agree. 

“Honestly, bro, I would’ve started last week.”

While some Twitter users are backing their beloved quarterback, saying he will have a comeback year with vengeance, many threw shade at Patrick Mahomes. 

Numerous accounts are calling Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady’s son or “Mafraud.” 

@TomBrady is already on day 3. But that is why he is the goat.”

Some haters pointed to a similar fate for other quarterbacks that faced the unstoppable Tom Brady. 

“You know Russell Wilson never got back to the Super Bowl either after losing to Tom..”

The majority of the comments came in to support the Chief’s and Patrick Mahomes, calling the haters “a pack of rabid hyenas.”

Regardless, we are curious to see how the upcoming season pans out, given the fact that Brady has announced his comeback one again. Could round two go in Mahomes favor, or will he always be the “baby goat?”