Patrick Mahomes, Fiancé Brittany Matthews, and Baby Sterling Pose in Pastel Easter Outfits

by Josh Lanier

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancee Brittany Matthews continue to make public appearances with their new baby, Sterling Skye.

The couple recently posted an adorable Easter photo. Matthews shared it on her Instagram.

Sterling Sky is a little more than a month old now, but she apparently made it through her first Easter church service without much fuss, her mom reported yesterday. Matthews thanked God that they were able to make it to church on time and without fuss from their young girl. A minor miracle any new parent can attest to.

Mahomes and his fiancee have been making a lot of trips out with baby Sterling recently. In addition to the Easter church service, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mathews also recently took in a Kansas City Royals baseball game. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback earned some brownie points with the K.C. faithful for supporting the city’s sister sports teams. Mahomes and Matthews rocked Royals jerseys while Sterling wore a powder blue Mahomes jersey.

The couple recently celebrated their ninth anniversary. Mahomes proposed last year, but the couple hasn’t released a wedding date as of yet.

Mahomes will have to get as much time as he can with his young daughter now as team meetings begin in two weeks. And considering the Chiefs are hoping to avenge their Super Bowl loss to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mahomes has a lot of work ahead of him.

Why is Patrick Mahomes Wearing Protective Boot?

As Matthews has posted photos of the family outings, Chiefs fans can’t help but notice the protective boot Mahomes is wearing. It’s more hidden in some of the other photos but is front and center in Matthews’ Easter post.

He’s taken the Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowls. And now that the team is driving dump trucks full of cash to Mahomes’ home, some fans are concerned. But there’s no need to worry, he says.

Mahomes had surgery to repair a turf toe injury in February and is still healing, the Kansas City Star reported. Plus, he says he’ll be fine.

He quote-tweeted Pat McAfee that he was “all good” when the former punter turned podcaster asked what’s up with the boot.