Patrick Mahomes Fiancé Brittany Matthews Calls Out ESPN for Making Meme of Husband

by Will Shepard

Super Bowl LV was in the final minutes, and Patrick Mahomes’ fiancé was not happy about how the game was going. In particular, Brittany Matthews is taking aim at ESPN for a meme they posted about her future husband.

With just over 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter, ESPN shared a picture to Twitter of Patrick Mahomes. In the shot, he looks flummoxed, staring at something down on the field. But, the real kicker is that the score below his incredulous face reads 31-9 Tampa Bay.

As any devout fan and fiancee would be, Brittany Matthews held nothing back while she went after ESPN. She took her own thoughts to Twitter while quote tweeting ESPN.

Brittany Matthews Fired Up About an ESPN Tweet

As the Super Bowl wraps up, Brittany Matthews is going to have some consoling to do. Her future husband is going to have a couple of rough days of mourning ahead.

I don’t think that there is really anyone out there who can blame Brittany Matthews for giving in to her emotions. Mahomes’ offensive line looked like Swiss cheese all night. He was never able to settle down and have time to make throws.

Additionally, Mahomes is dealing with “turf toe” that will reportedly need surgery during the offseason. So, Brittany Matthews being upset that things aren’t going her fiancé’s way is totally fine.

Despite losing the game, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have a lot to look forward to. They are going to be welcoming their first child shortly. This will certainly change their attitudes and provide newfound happiness in their lives.

So, congratulations to the greatest athlete to play any major sport, Tom Brady, on your seventh Super Bowl victory. If anyone decides to say that you aren’t the greatest athlete ever, just tell them you can’t hear them because you have your seven super bowl rings blocking your ears.

Also, Brittany Matthews will definitely have her fiancé ready for next season. He will likely be hungrier than he has ever been. So, look out for the Chiefs in 2021-22.