Patrick Mahomes Fiancé Brittany Matthews Explains Why She Felt Like She ‘Couldn’t Leave the House’ After Birth of Baby

by Samantha Whidden

She and her fiancé Patrick Mahomes recently shared adorable snapshots of their daughter Sterling and her adorable face for the first time, and now Brittany Matthews is revealing the real reason behind the need to keep Sterling’s face away from the spotlight. 

“I felt like I couldn’t leave the house p[and] when I did, I had to hide and cover [our daughter],” Patrick Mahomes’ fiancee states in an Instagram Story Q&A on Sunday. “We were ready to start taking her places and enjoy it. [We] didn’t want to have to worry about people taking pictures of her and posting them.”

Along with sharing her decision to reveal Sterling’s adorable face, Matthews also shared a bit of advice about labor and delivery. “There is no way to prepare for it. But you will make it. It will be the great thing ever when you meet that little angel of yours!”

Patrick Mahomes’ fiancé then revealed the hardest part of parenting for her so far. “Honestly all the sacrifices and changes I have had to make! When I eat, what I drink, my sleep, what I do in my free time. It’s not a bad thing in any way. Just having to adjust and change my life a lot.”

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews welcomed their daughter, Sterling, in February 2021. The couple met in high school. Mahomes proposed to Matthews in September 2020 in the suite of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium. This was the same day he received his Super Bowl Championship ring. 

Patrick Mahomes Opens Up About Waiting to Show Snaps of Their Beautiful Daughter’s Face

Patrick Mahomes revealed to People the reason why he and Brittany decided to start sharing photos of their daughter’s face. “First we didn’t want to, especially when she was so young. We wanted to kind of keep that stuff personal to us so we kept some of the photos and stuff like that for a while.”

Patrick Mahomes then shared that it got to the point where he and Brittany had her all the time and was enjoying being with her so much. “We were tired of hiding her from everybody,” he explained. The NFL star said it wasn’t that they were trying to show their daughter to the world. They were just tired of having to hide her everywhere they went. 

“We wanted her to be part of our lives because she is such a big part of it,” Patrick Mahomes stated. “So, it’s something that we finally did. And it [gave us] a little relief off our back that we didn’t have to hide her everywhere.”

Mahomes goes on to add that he and Brittany are just showing the world Sterling and letting others enjoy her as much as they do every single day.