Patrick Mahomes Hilariously Reacts to Michael Vick’s Recent Insane 40-Yard Time

by Suzanne Halliburton

Trust us, Patrick Mahomes. It’s perfectly fine to be slower than Michael Vick, even if you’re in your prime and Vick is right square in middle age.

Mahomes, the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, was very impressed with the time Vick posted in the 40-yard dash during a fundraiser this weekend. Vick is the 40-year-old former quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons.

And he ran a 4.72-second time in the 40. That means he’s still faster than most of the defensive ends in the league.

Patrick Mahomes tweeted: “Man he is still faster than me.”

Although Patrick Mahomes loved the time, Michael Vicks thought he’d run faster.

Vick tweeted: “I gave it all I had and ran with purpose for a great cause! Next year I’m training harder because my right hamstring at about 27yds started hating on me as usual. Shout out to @richeisen for running 4.4.”

So Why Was Patrick Mahomes So Envious of Michael Vick?

First, some Michael Vick backstory and why Patrick Mahomes still was so very envious.

Vick, as a quarterback, was one of the fastest players in the NFL during his 13-year career. He ran an amazing 4.33 in 2001, when scouts flocked to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis to watch Vick and other top prospects work out before the draft.

The time, 18 years later, still is the fastest ever recorded by a quarterback at the NFL Combine. However, for draft purists, the combine clock wasn’t quite as precise as it is now. And besides, there are other accounts that suggest Vick’s time was a quick as a 4.25. That’s amazing.

The Eagles selected Michael Vick with the No. 1 pick of the 2001 draft. And Vick truly became a dual threat quarterback. He rushed for 6,109 yards in his pro career.

Mahomes Was in Next Generation of Dual Threat QBs

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes was in the next generation of dual-threat quarterbacks. He uses his speed to avoid the rush. The Kansas City Chiefs don’t want to risk getting Mahomes injured by having him run the ball. The Chiefs pay him an average of $21 million a season to throw the ball.

But back in 2017, when Mahomes was prepping for the draft evaluation process, he needed to show all his skills. After all, Patrick Mahomes wasn’t projected as a lofty first-rounder immediately after he declared for the NFL draft.

The thought was he’d be a nice second-day pick, meaning he had a draft grade of second or third round. Mahomes literally worked his way up to No. 10. North Carolina’s Mitch Tribusky was the top QB pick. The Chicago Bears selected Tribusky at No. 2. (And Tribusky is already considered a draft bust).

So, what did Patrick Mahomes run that pushed him to the 10th pick? Let’s say Michael Vick wouldn’t be pleased. It was a very pedestrian 4.8.

Other NFL players pondered how Mahomes could have such benign 40 time. Mahomes answered them: “I be running scared in the game that is why I look so fast.”

Meanwhile, here’s what a 40-year-old looks like running the 40.