Patrick Mahomes Is Hoping Fiancé Brittany Matthews ‘Holds Off Until After the Game’ To Have First Child

by Will Shepard

Patrick Mahomes has two massive things on his mind as he heads into the Super Bowl this weekend. One of those things is trying to win his second Super Bowl in as many years. But the other is probably far more important to the superstar. That thing is the birth of his first child.

Patrick Mahomes got engaged to his girlfriend Brittany Matthews right before the start of the season. Shortly afterward, the two announced via social media that they are expecting their firstborn child. At the time, they didn’t mention when the due date was, but now the sports world is taking note of it.

While the superstar quarterback has to play in the game because he is obligated, his wife might not be at the game. In fact, she might be giving birth without Patrick Mahomes there to help. So, on media day, Mahomes describes how he hopes that she can wait to give birth until he can be there.

Patrick Mahomes Hopes His Fiancé Can Wait Until After the Super Bowl to Give Birth

“We are extremely ready, uh, we’re excited. We have all the things planned out and every single gadget and tool that you can have to be great parents. But, at the same time, I’m trying to tell her to hold off until after the game. But, whenever it happens it happens. If we can wait till maybe a few weeks after the game, that would probably be ideal.”

This is both touching and funny at the same time. This happens to a fair number of professional athletes, and they end up missing the birth of their child. Hopefully, for Patrick Mahomes, his fiancé can wait to give birth to their child until after the Super Bowl.

Regardless of whether or not Patrick Mahomes is there for the birth of his child, he will certainly be a great dad. Nonetheless, this should be a great Super Bowl for football fans all over the place. And, for now, most of his focus will be on helping the Chiefs beat Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.