Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen Debated Who Has Stronger Arm Ahead of AFC Championship

by Charles Craighill

For three years now, the two superstar quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have proven that they have the two strongest arms in the NFL. No other quarterback really fits into their category of arm strength. Both claim that they can throw a football over 80 yards, and both have proven that they can throw a football with accuracy over fifty yards.

But the question remains: who between the two has the stronger arm?

Both players have talked about the subject on a few occasions. First, Josh Allen discussed his arm strength against Patrick Mahomes on the Pardon My Take podcast. Later, Patrick Mahomes expressed his confidence that he could throw the ball farther. Then Allen responded at the beginning of this season while appearing on Good Morning Football.

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen Throw-Off

The two outstanding quarterbacks both want to settle the question. They even went as far as setting up some kind of competition to crown the king of the cannon. This competition was cancelled before it was even set up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but hopefully we will see it happen before too long.

“Obviously Josh has an extremely strong arm,” Patrick Mahomes said this past summer on ESPN’s SportsCenter. “But I’ve yet to see someone have a stronger arm than me, so maybe we can line up — I know we talked about having a throw-off — and then we can prove who really has the strongest arm.”

Patrick Mahomes also mentioned how far he thinks he can throw a ball.

“I have ultimate belief in myself. He does have a strong arm, but I’ve put it out there 80, 85 yards. If he beats that, he beats it.”

When he appeared on Good Morning Football back in August, Josh Allen also discussed the prospect of the competition.

“We’re working on it actually,” Josh Allen said. “We had something in place for this summer, actually, but obviously COVID-19 restrictions kind of got it shot down. But yes I’m game.”

Josh Allen also did not leave out his compliments for the former NFL MVP.

“I mean [Patrick Mahomes] obviously has one of the strongest arms in the league. He’s one of the, if not the best quarterbacks in the league… so congratulations to him and for what he’s been able to accomplish.”

A Friendly and Charitable Competition

The two quarterbacks are both very upstanding citizens and always looking to help their respective communities. With that in mind, Josh Allen made sure to mention that any competition between him and Patrick Mahomes would do its part for charity,

“Yeah, I’d love to finally settle this and figure it out, but we will have to make sure that whatever the case may be its going to a good cause and there’s some charity invloved with it. I know he’s got his 15 and Mahomies charity and organization, so we will figure out how we can do this for sure.”

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes will compete against each other tomorrow in the AFC Championship game. That game will take place at 6:40 pm in Kansas City. The winner will stamp a trip to the Super Bowl.