How Patrick Mahomes Minimized Pregnant Fiancee Brittany Matthews’ Chances of Getting Sick During Pregnancy

by Halle Ames

Now that the Chiefs season is over, Patrick Mahomes can put all of his time and energy into preparing for the birth of his daughter.

Patrick Mahomes is expecting his first child with high school sweetheart and fiancee Brittany Matthews soon. While neither are sharing the exact due date, Mahomes and Matthews must be anticipating the baby’s arrival at any time.

Mahomes said in a pre-Super Bowl interview that, “Hopefully, right after the Super Bowl, I’m about to bring a little girl into this world and get to become a dad in the offseason and get to see that process as well.”

Patrick Mahomes knows that pregnancy isn’t exactly as easy as choosing a date and a baby appears. However, the man can dream, as he was praying the baby wouldn’t arrive until after the big game. Well, his wish was granted, and now it’s just a matter of time.

“I’m trying to tell her to hold off until after the game. But whenever it happens, it happens. But if we can wait to maybe a few weeks after the game, that would probably be ideal.”

Patrick Mahomes Takes Extra Precautions

In these last few weeks of pregnancy, the health of the expecting mother is everything. This being said, the two have taken extreme measures to make sure that Brittany can expect a safe and healthy delivery.

During the season, the Chiefs were continuously plagued with cases of COVID or played another team with the same issue. When this would happen, like when the Chiefs played the Patriots, who reported a few positive tests of the virus, Patrick Mahomes had to be extra careful.

The couple says that they would sleep in separate bedrooms while also wearing a mask around the house.

“We’ve had to do that a few times,” says Matthews. “But he also gets tested every day up there [at practice]. We’re both just respecting each other.”

Once Patrick Mahomes received numerous negative results, the home restrictions lightened, but the 25-year-old quarterback and soon-to-be-father says that “It’s something I think about every day. You have to think about that with her being pregnant and kind of that high-risk category.”

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the mother-to-be is undergoing extreme physical changes in preparation for the birth. Her health is of the utmost importance to help ensure a smooth delivery.

With both parents being professional athletes at one point in their lives, we cannot wait to see the future for the baby Mahomes girl.