Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Randi Is ‘Gonna Catch Something’ in New Beachside Fishing Pic

by Charles Craighill

While Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews hunker down in Kansas City to take care of their new baby, Randi Mahomes has gone fishing. The grandmother of Sterling Skye Mahomes shows off her fishing skills on Destin beach in Florida. She shared a picture of her holding a rod in her new Instagram post.

“Gonna catch something!!!!” Patrick Mahomes’ mother said in the picture. As many folks mentioned in the comments, she certainly caught the attention of fans. Some of the commenters wonder why she doesn’t stay in Kansas City with her son and daughter-in-law-to-be. After all, she has been very vocal on social media regarding her love for Sterling Skye Mahomes.

However, based on the sleeping patterns of babies, one can’t really hold it against her. Who wouldn’t rather relax on the beach than babysit a newborn? As her shirt indicates in the picture, she is a “mama,” and she knows that the right thing to do is let Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes break in their parenting skills.

Randi Posts Pic of Patrick Mahomes After Birth of her Granddaughter

While Brittany Matthews may still be getting used to the whole “mama” thing, Patrick Mahomes looks like he has had practice. For instance, his mother Randi posted a picture of him bottle-feeding his younger brother when he was a kid. So it looks like Patrick Mahomes might have a bit of a head start.

Since Sterling Skye’s birth, Randi Mahomes has kept her 60,000 plus followers updated on how the baby is doing. For instance, she shouted out Patrick Mahomes daughter after her first week of life on Twitter. “Happy one week to my granddaughter!!!!” she said on Twitter. “I love you to the moon!!!”

This week Randi Mahomes will enjoy some sun and warm weather in Destin. However, she will have to hop on babysitting duty soon as Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews take care of their first child. With that said, they seem to have plenty of help from other close friends and family. So happy one week to Sterling Skye Mahomes, here’s to many more happy weeks, months and years!