Patrick Mahomes Opens Up About Lessons From His Dad as He Begins Parenthood With Fiancée Brittany Matthews

by Katie Maloney

NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes shares how his father has inspired him to “make an impact” on and off the field.

Despite the Chiefs Super Bowl loss on Sunday, quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a lot to celebrate, including the upcoming birth of his first daughter. During a post-Super Bowl interview on Monday, Mahomes said that he’s ‘excited” to be a dad.

“Hopefully [Brittany] gets all the way to her due date, but I mean really, anytime, I could be having a baby girl and I’m super excited about that,” said Mahomes. “It’s gonna be something special, and I’m excited for the journey of trying to find ways to better myself and become the best dad that I can be.”

Patrick Mahomes’s Father Is A Former Pitcher For The Mets

Patrick Mahomes has some great examples to follow when it comes to being a father and showing up for his family. Patrick’s father is former MLB pitcher Patrick Mahomes Sr. During an interview, Mahomes shared that he learned a lot watching his father navigate his career with major league baseball. While playing for the New York Mets, Patrick Sr. helped the team reach the World Series in 2000. Mahomes didn’t get to pitch that game and the team lost to their crosstown rivals, the New York Yankees. He continued pitching for three more years but was never able to make it back to the World Series.

“I got to see him battle and grind to try to get back there,” said Patrick. “You never know if it’s going to be like this for the rest of your career. So I try to win as much as possible now and do whatever I can to win multiple Super Bowls.”

Patrick also added that he learned to “impact” the world off the field as well.

“I’m at the right point in my career where I can use my voice and people can really, really make an impact in this world,” said Patrick. “This year, with everything that happened, it prompted me to really be bigger, and then be more than I had been before.”

Patrick’s Godfather Is Also A Former MLB Star

However, his father isn’t the only star athlete Patrick has to lean on. His godfather, former MLB pitcher LaTroy Hawkins, is also available to offer advice when needed. In fact, Hawkins did just that when Patrick made his debut with the NFL.

“My conversation with him was: ‘You’re new to the league,'” Hawkins said “‘Your main objective right now is learning this playbook and building leadership skills.'”

Obviously, the advice worked because Mahomes officially signed a 10-year, $503 million contract with the Chiefs over the summer. With a baby on the way and a long NFL career ahead of him, we’d say his family’s advice guided Patrick well. And we’re sure he’ll do the same for his children someday too.