Patrick Mahomes Hilariously Reacts to Andy Reid Look-Alike Snapping Selfie at Kansas City Royals Game

by Madison Miller

There’s an imposter on the loose, but he doesn’t seem to be fooling Patrick Mahomes.

The imposter in question has a very close resemblance to Andy Reid, the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs — grey hair and bushy mustache and all.

The Andy Reid look-alike appeared at a recent Kansas City Royals baseball game. He was seated up amongst all the other fans in general admission, which should be everyone’s first indicator that it isn’t the real Reid.

It seems like he has a good deal of both social media and news outlets fooled. Several reported on Reid’s selfie-taking skills but failed to recognize the real Reid was likely miles and miles away.

Andy Reid Look-Alike Fools Fans

It doesn’t seem like he fooled the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. He responded to the baseball team’s video of the Reid look-alike with a series of laughing emojis.

He put on quite the convincing act. The look-alike had on Reid’s classic blue Chiefs Hawaiian shirt, a staple in Reid’s wardrobe. He topped it all off with a blue Royals hat. Even the announcers thought it was Reid as they call him “coach” during the game.

As it turns out, this isn’t the man’s first foray into deception. The man is Matt Black and he is a Chiefs superfan. According to USA Today, Black started the act as a Halloween costume originally. However, people started to really buy into the act and even ask the imposter for his autograph. Now, he runs a TikTok account called Almost Andy Reid, which has over 250,000 followers as of now.

When the clip was originally shared by the team, there was no mention that it was not the real Andy Reid, hence all the confusion. The announcers were up there saying “coach was taking a selfie” and said, “he’s human.” As it turns out, Matt Black has a pretty fierce imposter and selfie game.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

The real Andy Reid has recently responded to comments Le’Veon Ball, a running back that played for the Chiefs last season, has made. He stated that he would rather retire than play for Reid ever again. Ball said it has to do with personal comments the coach made during the season, which he did not share.

In his typical laid back nature, Reid just took the high road during the entire situation. He said, “I enjoyed my time with him. I’m pulling for him. That’s how I roll. I wish him the best,” according to NBC Sports.

For Patrick Mahomes, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. He signed a contract that will keep him in Kansas City through 2031. He wants to bring Tyrann Mathieu, a football safety for the team, along for the ride. Both have said they want to stick with the Chiefs and each other.

“He’s such a great leader on this team and obviously a special football player. You want him to be here for the long run and you can tell that Chiefs Kingdom is really behind him as the leader of that defense and a leader on this team. Definitely want him to be here as long as he can and as long as I’m here,” Patrick Mahomes said, according to