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Patrick Mahomes Responds After F1 Reporter Martin Brundle Mistakes Paolo Banchero for Him

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes or Paolo Banchero at F1 in Miami? The Super Bowl champ or the possible No. 1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft? Don’t ask F1 commentator Martin Brundle. It was one of the worst live TV mistakes you could make. While trying to collect some live interviews with the celebrities and sports icons that were out and about in Miami at the race, Brundle and Sky Sports made a big goof.

I really have no other words for it. You just have to see it for yourself before we go any further, Outsiders. By the way, Banchero is seven inches taller than Mahomes. Not too many 6’10” QBs in the NFL, are there?

It did not take long for Mahomes to catch wind of things and he was in as much disbelief as all of us watching at home. Poor Martin Brundle. F1 may be his sport, but when it comes to America’s favorites… he might want to brush up a bit on names, faces, and the size of athletes in sports like football versus basketball.

It seems like there was a little mixup back at the production truck. Whatever he heard in his earpiece, Brundle was left out to dry as he stood out there dealing with the incident live. To be fair, he did get some good answers from Banchero. It is just a shame that he wasn’t able to get the name down right.

F1 had Patrick Mahomes and Paolo Banchero and just about every other big name in attendance. It seems with each race, American fans are more and more willing to jump on the bandwagon and tune in. This race is massive for the sport from a growth standpoint. It seems the United States is the very last frontier for Formula One racing.

Patrick Mahomes and Paolo Banchero Take in F1 Race

So, to say the least, F1 in Miami has been a massive hit. The stars are out, from Hollywood and sports and music and everything in between. Plus, all of us regular racing fans get to take in a great race. Now, Patrick Mahomes and Paolo Banchero were both at the F1 race, but clearly, Sky Sports needs a little more research before the next race.

How about being able to witness this moment that Mahomes shared from Tom Brady’s page. It’s Brady, David Beckham, Michael Jordan, and Lewis Hamilton. Put it in the Louvre!

Safe to say, the stars are out in full force and among those stars, there are some GOATs roaming as well. That picture is one of those that just makes you shake your head. All of the titles, accolades, records, stories, and so much more.

So, what did we learn here today? Well, if you are interviewing at a race, make sure you have some general sports knowledge. And never, ever, mistake Patrick Mahomes for Paolo Banchero down on the F1 track. Come on, now.