Patrick Mahomes Responds to Resurfaced Christmas Video: ‘Voice Changed a Little Bit’

by Evan Reier

From the moment he started to make waves in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes‘ II voice has stood out. The Tyler, Texas native has the expected country draw, but, to quote his Kansas City Chiefs teammates, it has a certain ‘frogginess’ that is one of his unmistakable qualities.

While his voice still prompts the occasional joke or jab, it’s clear that, like the rest of the star NFL quarterback, has come a long way since his childhood.

After wishing his followers on Twitter a “Merry Christmas,” Mahomes responded to a video of him from his younger days. The future Super Bowl champ is cheerfully singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” back in the days of 1999.

If you can’t smile watching this, you’re either lacking some soul or you might be a fan of an AFC West team. Either way, it’s impossible to not admit it’s a cute video of a young Mahomes.

Mahomes isn’t wrong when he says his voice changed a little bit, but that’s a given after all. Instead of a classic child’s voice, he gets to deal with comparisons to Kermit the Frog.

Patrick Mahomes Sounds Like Kermit the Frog. Kind of.

In 2018, the Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid were dazzling the NFL with a dominant, unrelenting offense. Mahomes’ arrival in KC took the team to new heights and, after a Super Bowl season in 2019, the Chiefs appear to be on the verge of a potential dynasty.

As the spotlight grew brighter, so did the popularity around Mahomes’ voice. As with any good team, the Chiefs obviously were no stranger to ribbing their talisman about it.

In the above video from 41 Action News in KC, it shows Mahomes discussing comments on his voice from a young age.

“I’ve heard it since I was in seventh grade,” Mahomes said. “It’s something that I’ve kind of embraced, the guys, [Travis] Kelce, Tyreek [Hill] and those guys like to throw some shots at me but don’t worry I throw shots back.”

Sounds about right. The true kicker of the video is Reid taking the podium and slyly grinning as he tries to express how he feels without cracking up.

“Oh, he’s got a unique voice right,” Reid said. “It is unique. Next question.”

But a reporter asks the coach for a descriptor, and Reid gives him a brief, but on the nose answer.