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Patrick Mahomes Roasts Tyreek Hill’s Height After WR Responds to Cole Beasley Stat

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Careful, Patrick Mahomes. You don’t want Tyreek Hill to get miffed over your slight of his height.

The two stars of the Kansas City Chiefs were having social media fun with each other, Thursday, all over Hill’s height. Check that, several NFL players, including Mahomes, were making fun of Hill over his lack of height. Plus, Hill also likes to fib about said height.

Mahomes tweeted: “That man, 5-8, don’t lie to him.”

Maybe this sounds confusing. So let’s start from the beginning. Hill is kind of short. Patrick Mahomes, the reigning MVP of the Super Bowl, is correct. He’s probably 5-foot-8. The Chiefs list the receiver as 5-10.

What’s a couple of inches, right? Players fudge height and weight all the time. Besides, in Hill’s case, no one really cares about his height, especially Mahomes, his quarterback. It’s all about his speed. He sizzles down the field. Hill is one of the few players in the NFL who can run a 40-yard dash in under 4.3 seconds. It’s why people call this Kansas City Chief the “Cheetah.”

Hill noticed that he was absent from a list of short receivers who have caught a ton of touchdown passes. The “NFL Today” show on CBS tweeted that Cole Beasley, the Buffalo Bill, has the most touchdown passes in NFL history for a receiver 5-9 or under. Beasley has 33. Hill wasn’t even on the list, which stopped at Tim Dwight’s 19.

Hill tweeted the stat and wrote “sooo.” He didn’t mention he owns 46 career receiving touchdowns. But Hill can’t be on the list if he’s 5-10. It’s like pick a height, Hill. That’s why his teammates were having such fun at his expense.

Patrick Mahomes Is Thankful Tyreek Hill Is So Fast

There is no kidding, however, when it comes to Hill’s skills. They’re amazing. He runs clear of so many defensive backs on deep verticals that it doesn’t matter who has the height advantage. Mahomes can air it out and Hill will be there.

Stats show Mahomes has targeted Hill 119 times this season. On 25 percent of the throws, Hill already is wide open.

The Chief receiver tops the NFL with14 receiving touchdowns. Five of his catches are 40 yards or longer. Hill can be a game-breaker on any offensive snap.

Counting special teams play, Hill leads the NFL with 16 total touchdowns.

So with Mahomes, his kidding of Hill is all in good fun. And, no one really cares how tall Hill is if no one can catch him.

Besides, within 15 minutes of questioning the tweet from the NFL Today show, Hill had changed his mind. He had grown back to 5-10.