Patrick Mahomes Sends Emotional Message to Kansas City Chiefs Fans After Super Bowl LV Loss

by Jon D. B.

In his first online statement since the end of Super Bowl LV, Patrick Mahomes is thanking “Chiefs Kingdom” with a heartfelt message.

“Thank you #ChiefsKingdom for all the support,” tweets the quarterback after a staggering loss. “Wasn’t the way we wanted it to end, but we will be back!”

So far, Mahomes has handled the Super Bowl LV loss with grace. His fans are noticing this, too, and showing unwavering support with their replies to his tweet – which you can view below.

This is no small feat, either, after such a crushing loss. Thankfully for Patrick Mahomes, however, he has the unwavering support of Brittany Matthews and their pregnancy to return home to.

As for Matthew’s first tweet after the big game, her words were focused on Mahomes and their expanding family.

“Not how we wanted it to end,” she begins, “but 15 played his heart out and I’m always and forever proud of him in everything he does!” says Matthews of her fiance. In addition to heaping praise onto her partner, she’s also awaiting the arrival of their first child.

“Now let’s have a baby,” she concludes in her tweet with a laughing emoji.

Patrick Mahomes Has Support of Chiefs Fans

“I’m so proud of you Pat. You went down fighting man. I wouldn’t take any Quaterback over you man,” replies Mahomes’ fan Matt directly to the quarterback’s tweet.

Savee_Dee replies “literally none of that game was on you, love you goat, can’t win em all, thank you for last years SB.”

“Bucs fan here and you had a helluva season good luck the rest of the way it’s nun but respect over here” another fan follows up.

“You’re at least 70 times better than Brady yet that’s all anyone wants to talk about. Proud of you man!” echoes underneath.

With support like this – from both fans and his fiance, we’re guessing Patrick Mahomes is going to be just fine. If all else fails, the arrival of their first child will surely keep them busy, alongside prepping their new $1.8M Kansas City Home.

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