Patrick Mahomes Tweets In Support of Chad Henne After Backup QB’s Game-Winning Play

by Charles Craighill

After a nail biter of an AFC Divisional round playoff game, the Kansas City Chiefs will move on to the AFC Championship. They defeated the Cleveland Browns by a score of 17-22. One of the major headlines of this game came when the Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes exited the game in the third quarter with a concussion.

Chad Henne had to replace the former MVP in his first-ever playoff appearance. Henne was able to close out the game with a few impressive plays toward the end of the game, earning the praises of Mahomes via Twitter.

“HenneThingIsPossible,” Patrick Mahomes said in his Tweet. He also posted a GIF of Kevin Garnett saying “anything is possible” after winning the NBA Finals.

In the game, Patrick Mahomes threw for 255 and a touchdown before his 3rd quarter injury. While these numbers were pretty commonplace for Mahomes through two quarters, many quarterbacks in the NFL would be happy posting those numbers at the end of a game. Mahomes never returned to the game, however, he is expected to play next week against the Buffalo Bills.

Chad Henne Heroics in Place of Patrick Mahomes

In relief of Patrick Mahomes, Chad Henne made his first-ever postseason appearance since entering the league in 2008. His first playoff appearance went roughly how expected at first… rough. He made some poor decisions, he threw one atrocious interception, but he ran the offense well enough to squeak out a field goal.

On the final drive of the game, as the Cheifs offense tried to run out the clock, Henne took a huge sack on second down. However, the next play, he pulled off an impressive fourteen-yard schedule to make it within inches of the first down line. Then, on fourth and inches, he executed a beautifully designed play to reach the first down and win the game.

This final play earned the praise and respect of the young superstar, Patrick Mahomes. So Chad Henne can celebrate as a hero tonight, but come next week, expect to see Mahomes back in the driver’s seat.