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Patriots’ Marcus Jones Blows Minds Taking First Offensive Snap for Touchdown Against Bills

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

For those that don’t know, now you know. Marcus Jones is the real deal and luckily for New England, he’s got some serious wheels. Jones has been playing on the defensive side of the ball as a corner this season. He also has gotten some time in as a punt returner. He’s an all-around NFL player.

While he has had snaps this season in those other two phases of the game, Thursday night was his first offensive snap. He lined up as a slot receiver and was given the designed play for a screen pass. It worked beautifully. Back in his high school days. Jones was a sub-23 second 200m runner and almost broke 11 seconds in the 100m. It showed.

Now watch Marcus Jones go to work.

I’m not exactly sure how fast he was moving, but he looked like one of the fastest players in the entire NFL. That play is going to earn Jones a lot more snaps moving forward.

The best part was seeing all of the fans losing their minds over the entire play.

Marcus Jones Blows Fans Away With Speedy Touchdown

You just never know when Bill Belichick is going to throw a wrench into his offense. Put a wrinkle here or there. He sees a guy with incredible speed and talent like Marcus Jones, and he’s going to find a place to put him. Punt returns are just not enough, get him the ball whenever you can.

It was impressive enough that fans were second-guessing their picks for tonight.

“I was gonna say Bills win tonight but now that Marcus Jones is getting offensive snaps that changes everything,” one fan said.

When you find an athlete like Marcus Jones, it is simple. Let your playmaker make plays. He is fast enough that one well-timed block can open a massive hole and lead to big gains. He’s clearly tough, playing every side of the ball in college and now in the NFL.

“Marcus Jones holy. Huge Vrabel vibes,” another fan said. “Find an athlete who is too good to only use on one side of the ball. Wish more teams would do this, these guys are all apex athletes, why limit them to just their generic position restrictions? ATHLETE.”

Mac Jones to Marcus Jones just sounds like a great offensive combo. In fact, the Patriots are filled up with Joneses.

“The Patriots have Mac Jones, Jack Jones, and Marcus Jones. Anymore Jones’?” someone tweeted after the massive touchdown. If they do have another one stashed away, the league better be worried.

No. 25 is the real deal, y’all.