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Paulina Gretzky Drops Revealing Facts About Fiancé Dustin Johnson in Podcast Debut

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit:Jamie Squire/ Getty Images)

Paulina Gretzky joins sister-in-law Sara on The Netchicks podcast to dish some interesting facts about fiancé Dustin Johnson.

Paulina Gretzky is a model and daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. She is also the fiancé of professional golfer Dustin Johnson. The couple has two children together, Tatum and River.

While making her podcast debut, Outkick highlighted some of the 32-year-olds insights about life with Dustin Johnson.

Paulina and Dustin Johnson

Firstly, Paulina likes to watch golf on mute so she cannot hear anyone talk poorly about her fiancé.

“I turn it on mute most of the time because to listen to those men talk about (Dustin), I want to go through the screen and grab them, but I could never do that.”

She also isn’t allowed to speak about winning a golf tournament to Dustin Johnson before the final round.

However, when watching TV “together,” Paulina and Dustin Johnson have their own iPads so she can watch the Real Housewives, and he can watch outdoorsy shows like fishing or Swamp People. Although, sometimes Johnson “pretends” to care about the Housewives only “because he loves” her.

The couple can bond over shows like Below Deck because it’s the perfect combination of reality for her and boats for him.

“He loves it. He’s a boat guy.”

Even though Paulina and Dustin are not married, she says that doesn’t matter to her.

“I don’t want anything from Dustin other than I love him.”

That might not be entirely true, however. The blonde beauty does have dreams of having one more child.

“I want one more. Whatever happens, happens. If I’m lucky enough to get pregnant again, great. I want to enjoy being 32, 33, and hopefully, if I’m lucky enough to have one at 34…I would love a girl.”

In addition, Paulina reveals that Dustin likes to pretend he is Luke Bryan in the car and belt out some notes.

Don’t worry. We do too. Acoustics are best in the shower, though.