PBR Announces 2nd Annual Bull Riding Event on Aircraft Carrier

by Amy Myers

“Sea cows” usually refer to manatees, but “sea bulls” are just what you would find on the USS Lexington on September 4th. Professional Bull Riders (PBR) are heading back out to deep waters for this year’s Air Force Reserve Cowboys with a Cause event. The organization is bringing its bovines and best riders to the deck of the historic aircraft carrier after its inaugural event in 2020.

Located in Corpus Cristi, Texas, the WWII ship earned the nickname “Blue Ghost” because Japanese radio broadcasts and other sources repeatedly reported that the aircraft carrier sunk. They deemed the boat the “Blue Ghost” because of its paint job and tendency to come back from the dead.

PBR will once again construct the temporary arena on the USS Lexington. Using over 750,000 pounds of dirt and metal and more than 15 miles of cables, the leading bull-riding organization will have ample space for riders to break records and guests to enjoy the show on the 910-foot deck.

The organization’s CEO, Sean Gleason, announced the news of the event’s return on Twitter.

PBR Event Expands Its Number of Riders For More Excitement

PBR’s 2nd Annual Cowboys with a Cause ensures even more excitement with its promise of more teams and more rides. This year, there will be eight teams of three professional bull riders, increasing the number of “rides and wrecks.”

The top two scoring teams will compete head-to-head (or rather, snout-to-snout) for a six-rider championship round that will name the winner of the event. Unlike last year, this year’s riders will also have the chance to score world points.

Along with entertaining its visitors, PBR’s upcoming sea-based event also serves a charitable purpose. The team-based competition will raise money for chosen charities. Last year, Cowboys for a Cause raised $250,000 for Operation Homefront and other military-related charities.

Lucas Divino, a member of Team Bad Boy Mowers in 2020, expressed how much he enjoyed PBR’s new event.

“That was probably my favorite event,” Divino said. “I loved riding on the big boat and raising money for a good reason. It was so different because I never imagined riding bulls on a boat. This is an experience you will never be able to feel anywhere else.”

Lucas led his team to victory with his 89.75-point walk-off ride. Among his teammates were riders Luciano de Castro and Tye Chandler. Divino and Chandler are currently recovering from injuries that may prevent them from returning to this year’s PBR event.

The organization has yet to reveal which charities will benefit from this year’s event. Fans who aren’t able to get tickets to this exclusive, one-day event can also enjoy the excitement from home. Tune in to CBS on Sunday, September 5th at 2 p.m. ET to join in on the fun.