PETA Recommends MLB Change ‘Bullpen’ to ‘Arm Barn’ Because of Cows

by Chase Thomas

PETA has a suggestion for MLB: the term “bullpen” needs to go and the term “arm barn” needs to enter and it all has to do with cows. Check out this tweet from the organization the term. They did not hold back.

The tweet from Peta:

“Bullpen” refers to the area of a “bull’s pen” where bulls are held before they are slaughtered—it’s a word with speciesist roots & we can do better than that.

Switching to “arm barn” would be a home run for baseball fans, players, and animals 💪⚾️

The case for the word removal for PETA stems from where the bulls are kept prior to what happens later when they get slaughtered. The term PETA uses is “speciesist.” This term drew a strong response.

What the image said:

“Let’s liberate the language we use in baseball! PETA’s pitch: Replace “bullpen” with “arm ban.”

This news came out of nowhere. Still, Twitter users responded quickly. What’s interesting, thoug,h is what the Oxford dictionary says about the term. Yes, it can be used as an “enclosure for bulls”. It also lists “an exercise area for baseball pitchers” as an alternative definition. PETA is right that this is an enclosure for bulls, but they added on the second part for emphasis. People responded forcefully on Twitter about the tweet. It was truly a huge surprise.

More PETA and “Bullpen” Fallout

Users everywhere tweeted about the controversy. Some words stood out more than others.

The Twitter account, @BaseballQuotes1 tweeted this in response, “If PETA is this upset of the term “bullpen” because it’s insensitive to cows just wait until they find out what a baseball is made from…”

PETA is known to take aggressive positions like this in the past. With the World Series going on, they capitalized on the moment with this point of emphasis. It garnered a strong reaction. It went viral. This was the goal of the organization at this moment. They stirred the pot. Twitter debated it all afternoon. What did you think of the tweet and response? The organization changed its name to “Arm Barn” as well.

Will anything come from the tweet? No, this will likely fade, as most tweets like this do. However, it did get people talking.