Peyton and Eli Manning’s ‘Manning-Cast’ Returning To ESPN for the NFL Playoffs

by Brianna Vacca

Let’s face it. Peyton and Eli Manning are the true faces of football. In a short period, the brothers have completely revolutionized and transformed Monday Night Football. In addition, the brothers are pioneers of the modern-day football broadcasting world as they host legendary guests week to week, unfiltered.

As a substitute for a traditional ESPN commentary broadcast, the boys often reminisce about their football careers and everything in between. They exchange stories, have guests such as Charles Barkley, Gronk, and more, and are some of football’s most down-to-earth – and profitable – NFL stars. So it’s no surprise that ESPN has taken them on to continue gracing televisions across the nation. Their banter is uncanny; it’s almost as if they have known each other their entire lives…

But, don’t worry, you can still catch a traditional broadcast on ESPN with Steve Levy, Louis Riddick, and Brian Griese. But don’t feel guilty if the Manning brothers take over your weekly broadcasting. Combined, the brothers have four Super Bowl titles, so it’s safe to assume that they have the knowledge to share.

The bad news is, the Manning-Cast will not be broadcasted until Week 7 now. So the easiest way to watch the Manning-Cast is to watch ESPN2 on your cable provider, or you can stream it on the ESPN app. You can also watch it on Fubo TV. So from their couch to yours, bring the Manning brothers home.

The NFL is hosting Monday night wild card games and will be on ESPN for the next five years Monday night wild card games are separate from the regular season, though – and you can enjoy the sport as well as your weekly dose of the Manning family.

The Best Manning-Cast Moments

As mentioned, Peyton and Eli Manning have exceptional personalities. You may have seen all of Peyton’s commercials – Papa Johns, Oreo, Sprint, just to name a few. Or you may have seen Peyton’s infamous Nationwide commercials with country music star Brad Paisley as Paisley gracefully accepts Manning’s NFL Hall of Fame award. “That’s how this works, right?” Paisley asks. Um, not quite.

Peyton says he attempted to write an apology letter to a referee after cursing him out during a broadcast of Manning-Cast, but it didn’t go as planned. Manning became upset after the NFL wouldn’t provide him his house address so he could send the referee that letter. They thought he wanted the address to TP it or egg it, but, no, he tried to pour out his heart into a handwritten note to show his sincere apology. To this day, it is unknown whether the referee has ever received his apology.

Another time, Eli’s fire alarm went on mid-broadcast. Perhaps his fire alarm called the game for the Raiders-Ravens.