Peyton and Eli Manning Break Out Halloween Costumes for Monday Night Football’s ManningCast: WATCH

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Credit: ESPN

In the spirit of Halloween, Peyton and Eli Manning got the costumes out. The ManningCast remains the best part of Monday Night Football. When you put the NFL and the spookiest time of year together it makes for some great moments and this was one of them.

Peyton being the mature, older brother wore a referee costume. Simple enough. However, Eli had to bring back Chad Powers for the ManningCast, but he didn’t have his makeup team on hand. It looked absolutely terrifying if I’m being completely honest.

You love to see everyone having fun. Sports are supposed to be fun, let’s lean into things like this whenever possible. If you’re watching the ManningCast you know you’re in store for some goofy moments. This embodied the show in the best way possible.

Ever since he debuted the character, Chad Powers has been popping up in the most random places. We all should have seen this coming, but somehow no one did. The ManningCast continues to be the best place to watch the game like you’re hanging out with a couple of friends. Except one of your friends looks like their entire face melted.

During the segment, Eli had fans straining to hear what he was saying. Viewers were laughing and wondering why the former quarterback was keeping the bit running so long. Even his own brother couldn’t stand to look at and hear him anymore and they had to ditch the costumes.

Great effort from both Peyton and Eli.

ManningCast Joins NFL Halloween Fun

The ManningCast wasn’t the only show having a little fun on Halloween night. ESPN had Joe Buck and Troy Aikman dressed like broadcasters from the past. The yellow ABC blazers made the whole thing feel fun and like we were all watching gin 1978 again.

What was even scarier, at least through the first half, were these offenses. This game trudged on by with the Browns and the Bengals couldn’t get it going. With Joe Burrow wearing his own custom costume before the game, it was shocking to see him struggle so much against the Cleveland team.

The second half might get really spooky for one of these teams if they are unable to get it going on the field. It would be a nightmare loss for the Bengals if they can’t overcome the 11-0 halftime deficit.