Peyton Manning Gets Standing Ovation at Mile High Ahead of Broncos-Colts Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Before the Broncos and Colts got going on NFL Thursday Night Football, Peyton Manning was in attendance and got huge applause. Of course, Manning is a Super Bowl champion with both Denver and Indianapolis. He ended his career in Denver.

Now, when he isn’t on Monday Night Football with his brother, Peyton Manning is giving fans an experience they won’t forget. It looks like Manning was cutting it up with the Amazon TNF crew. As he left the field, fans clapped, screamed, and asked for autographs, to which Peyton kindly obliged.

Watch as he leaves the field to the noise of the early crowd.

Is there a more beloved former quarterback than Peyton Manning right now? He is a universally loved former player it seems and when it comes to his former teams he is the guy. Of course, he spent years in Indy and defined an entire era while he was there.

When he made the move to the Denver Broncos, things didn’t look as clear-cut. But Manning had some gas left in the tank and made it more than worthwhile. Taking down the Carolina Panthers in the 2016 Super Bowl was the moment he solidified his legacy for good.

As for all of us non-Colts and Broncos fans, he is now the guy with the simulcast show on ESPN during Monday Night Football with his brother, and that’s more than enough.

Peyton Manning Provides Perfect Commentary on MNF

Those that watched Monday Night Football this week are well aware of the big moment that happened during the game. while the Rams and 49ers were battling, a protestor came out onto the field. Long story short, Rams LB Bobby Wagner made sure to put that to an end.

Meanwhile, Eli and Peyton Manning were delivering the commentary from the simulcast. It was everything we wanted and more. Of course, there has been more drama involved with that incident now that we are a few days away from it.

I think that Manning could probably pull off a standing ovation at most stadiums and arenas. Carolina and Chicago are the big exceptions, of course. National treasure.